Au Vodka – An Award Winning Vodka

What is Au Vodka?

What is the source of Au Vodka’s name?

It comes from the periodic table. The name Aurum, short for Gold, is Latin for “Gold”. It is the most abundant element in the universe and has a 79 atomic number. Because of its unique flavour, Au Vodka is smooth enough to drink on the rocks or blend into various vodka cocktails. 

Who Owns AU Vodka?

You’ve probably wondered who owns AU Vodka. After all, the brand is based on gold, and Morgan has become part-owner of the drink. He incorporated the periodic table into his branding, using gold’s symbol, Au, and its atomic number, 79. As a result, he’s become a celebrity. In fact, Morgan’s brand has been credited with putting Swansea on the map.

An Award-Winning Vodka

Even though it is still relatively new, Au Vodka is already a household name thanks to its unique flavours.

The company makes five-times-distilled vodka in various unique fruit blends, including blue raspberry, red cherry, and blackberry.

With over 35,000 bottles produced per day and over 610,000 followers on Twitter, Au Vodka is the fastest-growing vodka brand in the UK.

This award-winning vodka is smooth and delicious.

  You can sip it on its own or mix it with your favourite cocktail. The vodka is made with a secret fruit recipe and is great as a mixer in any drink. It can even be enjoyed on the rocks, as its fruit-forward flavour is excellent with lemonade or on the rocks. It can also breathe character into your favourite cocktail.

  • The gold bottle of Au Vodka is a classic design element.
  • It conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication.
  • The handcrafted pewter label is another detail that sets it apart from other vodkas.
  • Au Vodka uses only the finest quality British ingredients in the production of its Premium Vodka.
  • The distillation process incorporates charcoal and Gold into the process.

The result is a smooth, delicate flavour that makes Au Vodka perfect for cocktails, martinis, and other mixed drinks.

It is made with the most refined grain grown in the heart of the English countryside

Au Vodka is a premium quality brand of vodka that starts from the harvest of the most refined grain grown in the English countryside. This premium alcoholic drink is made from only the most refined grains and is filtered through Gold to ensure maximum taste and smoothness. It is produced in small batches and is the only brand to use British grain in its production. The bottles are handcrafted and contain the finest ingredients, including pewter labels and gold-plated taps.

Inspired by Gold, Au Vodka combines the most refined grain grown in the English countryside with luxurious ingredients. The spirit is five times distilled, and Gold filtered, giving it a smooth, velvety finish. The taste is smooth and distinct, making it perfect for mixing in a martini, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail. It adds character to any cocktail.

  • A five-time distillation process produces Au Vodka, filtered through Gold and charcoal.
  • In addition to the gold filter chamber, Au Vodka has a distinctive golden colour and taste, which will impress even the most discriminating vodka connoisseur.

It is smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks or blended in a host of vodka cocktails

  • AU Vodka has a distinctive gold bottle that gives it an elegant appearance.
  • Its signature gold bottle makes it easy to spot and reflects the luxury ingredients used to make it.
  • This spirit is smooth and distinctive, and its distinct gold filtering method removes any impurities.
  • It is perfect for sipping on its own or blending with other spirits to create a variety of delicious vodka cocktails.


Made in Kent, the Copper Rivet is distilled from grains from the Isle of Sheppey. The result is a spirit with a complex nose and smooth character, with hints of spice and coconut. This vodka is perfect for frosted shots, and it can handle the bolder flavours of some cocktails. And because it’s organic and Fairtrade, it’s the only one of its kind that uses quinoa as its primary ingredient.

For a refreshing cocktail, try Au Black Grape. It is sippable on the rocks and pairs well with lemonade, while its fruity taste works excellent with ice. You can also make an Au Fruit Punch with this premium vodka. Just make sure you’re over the legal drinking age to order it, though, because it’s only available in the UK.

A New Luxury Vodka

With its luxurious packaging and five-time distilled process, Au Vodka is a luxury vodka that conveys a sophisticated and glamorous vibe. The five-step distillation process creates an upscale taste that is slightly citrus acidic. Its name evokes the periodic table, which means it is made with five different elements. You can find the bottle on Amazon. It is available in various styles and price ranges. If you’re looking for premium vodka made in the UK, Au Vodka is one of the best options.

Au Vodka is a premium, five-times distilled British vodka

Named for the symbol for gold in the periodic table, Au Vodka is a high-quality, premium booze made from English grain. Its five-time distilled process also involves filtering the liquor through gold and charcoal, which gives it a unique, smooth taste. It can be enjoyed neat, but it also works well with mixers. You can purchase a 70-cl bottle of Au Vodka at Harvey Nichols in the UK.

The story behind AU Vodka is not entirely true, but it’s a fun story about two teenagers who got into a scrape. Morgan was only seventeen when Eden Hazard kicked him in the leg, sending him off and resulting in Swansea winning the League Cup. Now, Morgan owns AU Vodka with Jackson Quinn, a part-owner. He recruited Fredo to be the brand’s brand ambassador. He even made an ad that incorporates the periodic table and gold.

It uses the periodic table

AU Vodka gets its name from the periodic table. Gold’s atomic number is 79, and the company’s artisan vodka uses the number as its brand name. Despite the name, the drink is smooth and perfect for sipping straight or mixing with different types of vodka cocktails. Made from the purest grain grown in the English countryside, Au Vodka is not only delicious but also has a scientific explanation for its name.

The AU symbol on the bottle of AU Vodka comes from the element gold, which is atomic number 79. Its signature gold bottle embodies its luxury and opulence. The company believes that the gold bottle makes its product look and taste superior.

It is made in the UK

  1. A new brand of vodka is making waves in the UK: Au Vodka.

  2. In an internet study by Fentimans, the brand ranked second overall, behind only Smirnoff.

  3. In April’s print issue of The Spirits Business, it is lauded by renowned investor Charlie Sloth.

The name of Au Vodka comes from the periodic table symbol for gold – AU. You can enjoy Au Vodka neat or with a cocktail and garnishes. The flavour is smooth and subtle, making it perfect for sipping on the rocks or mixing into a martini.


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