Baby Circumcision: Frequently Asked Questions

It feels daunting and even scary to decide about the circumcision of your newborn baby boy.

The decision to circumcise your newborn baby is common, but it is an option. How do you circumcise your male newborn? Are there any good reasons to do this medical procedure?

It is important that the health of your baby comes first, and it can be handled very simply at baby circumcision Uk. Consider these frequently asked questions to help you decide if circumcision would be right for your baby.

Why Parents Choose Circumcision for Their Baby?

Many people disagree with circumcision. However, a majority of people prefer to circumcise their newborns. People circumcise for a variety, but some common reasons prevail all around the world.

A majority of Jews, Muslims, and Christians choose to circumcise infants for religious reasons. While many people choose to circumcise their infants for medical reasons, others do it out of religious convictions.

Why do some people oppose circumcision?

Some people are opposed to the circumcision of an infant for many reasons. Opponents believe there is no medical reason to perform this procedure on an infant.

Some people believe that circumcising a child takes away an infant’s right and freedom to choose whether they want it. Because it is considered cosmetic, they think it should be a decision made by an adult male.

People who oppose circumcision believe that an infant doesn’t have to undergo it. Although there isn’t much medical evidence supporting this belief, some believe that circumcision can decrease sexual pleasure.

What Are The Religious Reasons For Baby Circumcision

All religious rituals are meaningful. For example, circumcision represents a covenant between God & God’s People. It is a sign to obey, a mark that identifies and belongs across generations, and a link between soul and body.

God gave Abraham the commandment to circumcise his male heirs. After that, Jews, Muslims, and other religions have performed this sacred ritual of circumcising boys for thousands of years.

The heart of religious liberty lies in the ability to do this. Parents follow their religions and traditions when circumcising their children. Civil law doesn’t forbid or require it because that is how it should be.

What Are The Medical Reasons Behind Circumcision?

Many doctors believe that circumcision has a lot of health benefits. As a result, most parents choose to circumcise their newborns instead of waiting for a baby boy to become an adult.

A recent, influential study on infant circumcision concluded that “a risk-benefit analysis showed that benefits vastly outweigh risks.

These benefits include:

  1. There is less chance of penile cancers and penile retraction disorders
  2. Decreased likelihood of spread of human papillomavirus-related diseases
  3. Avoid phimosis or balanoposthitis, which is inflammation of the foreskin and glans.
  4. There is less chance of getting a urinary tract infection
  5. Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases spreading
  6. It is easier to manage genital hygiene

The report concluded that circumcision has more medical benefits than the choice to not.

What Is The Best Time For a Baby Circumcision?

In most cases, a baby boy’s circumcision is performed at the same time as an infant. Infant circumcision is a procedure that occurs during the first four-month of a baby’s birth.

Most medical personnel believe that it is easier to circumcise a baby earlier. This is because less young babies are less likely to be aware and alert of their surroundings. In addition, most cases can be performed quickly and easily with local anesthesia.

What Are The Different Methods of Circumcision?

There are three most common and popular methods of circumcision. Which are:

Circumcision With Gomco Clamp

A probe is a particular instrument that separates the penis’ head from its foreskin. A thin membrane usually connects them. The bell-shaped device, shaped like a bell, will be attached to the penis’s head and underneath the foreskin.

A small incision might be made for this to happen. First, to reduce blood circulation, the foreskin is pulled up and then clamped around the bell. Next, a scalpel will be used to remove the foreskin.

Plastibell Technique

This technique is similar to the Gomco clamp. The plastic bell is placed underneath the foreskin and on top of the penis. A piece of suture is attached to the foreskin, which stops the blood supply.

A scalpel can be used to remove the excess foreskin. However, a plastic ring is left, which will eventually fall on its own after 6 to 12 more days.

Circumcision With Mogen Clamp

With this method, the foreskin can be pulled out in front of the head and inserted into a slot-shaped metal clamp.

The clamp is kept in place while you cut the foreskin with a scalpel. It is left for a few more minutes to ensure that there is no bleeding.


No parent wants to think of doing anything to their baby that causes him severe pain. But it is possible to circumcise your newborn without any difficulty.

It is straightforward; with the best pain management, you can get your baby circumcised. However, it is essential to note that adult circumcision possesses more difficulties as compared to baby circumcision.

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