Where to Go for a Weekend Getaway in Mid-Western Canada

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Why Mid-Western Canada

Although Canada doesn’t have a strict area that’s considered the midwest in the same way that America does, this massive country has to be broken down into smaller sizes for travelers.  

Mid-western Canada has a long history of enjoying and cultivating the land, finding fun regardless of where you are, and sports ranging from white water rafting to skiing.  If you’re new to the area and seeking out a fun way to cut loose and enjoy everything these provinces have to offer: this is what to look out for! 


Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies yet is often less heard of than Banff’s sibling. Yet, this fantastic park has some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever find, and amazing food and people that will make you wish you could stay forever.

Home to a glacier that guests can walk out onto, and wildlife that will amaze you at every sighting, you’ll want to keep your camera on and handy so that you can take pictures of everything around you.  Even if you’re not an outdoorsy type, simply driving through the park and sightseeing can be enough to leave your heart racing and mind reeling.  These mountains are behemoths that will blow you away.


Calgary is one of the best-known cities in Canada because of how loud and proud it is about sports and the history of the area.  This stampede town is surrounded by mountains and rivers and stretches out so that you don’t miss any of the views to boring sights of buildings or construction.  

The people who live here celebrate the past and welcome you into creating new traditions.  Try to arrive during the Calgary Stampede, when the city comes to life for everything from live concerts to bull riding, and you’ll want to start looking for Calgary homes for sale too!


Winnipeg is a great city that’s the capital of Manitoba.  At home between two rivers for fantastic early 20th-century architecture, clean air, and green areas that make the city feel like it’s part of a forest.

While you visit, you can enjoy countless museums, art galleries, and exhibits that make the entire city feel like it’s made of art and creative people.  This is the best city to visit in the early fall, before the chill has fully set in and after the leaves have started to change.  Multiple festivals, fun events, and other things to do make this one of the best tourist towns in the country.


Whether skiing is your passion, or you love hiking and biking: Banff can be what you need as long as you arrive at the right time of year.  In the summer, this park is bright and lush greenery.  You can glide across mountain tops on a gondola that allows you views of six different mountain ranges, the Bow Valley, and eternal nature.

In the winter, Banff becomes a wonderland of snow, ice, and experiences you couldn’t get anywhere else.  It’s definitely worth the visit!

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