How Living in the Toronto Compares to Life in Rural Canada

Toronto is one of the most well-known cities globally, not only for its culture and vast creativity but also because of how incredible it is to live there.  However, many who consider moving there aren’t sold on the idea that’s fed to them about this city.

Instead, they have to decide if they want this city or if they’d rather live in a more rural and quiet community.

These are the top things to consider if you can’t make that choice and why they’re both excellent options.

The Cost of Living

It’s no surprise that the cost of living is intense in Toronto.  The second most expensive city in the country, Toronto has a hot real estate market that never seems to settle down.  Unfortunately, for people moving to the city, there are many properties they can’t afford and a lot of housing that isn’t an option for them.

If you move to a more rural area in Ontario, you can enjoy a far more affordable housing market, which could mean that you get more property or save money.  Of course, the price of houses for sale in Toronto is so high because it comes with the perk of living in the city, but that’s not enough for everyone.

The Number of Things to Do

How many days a week would you like to experience something new?  In Toronto, you can boost these experiences up to one new thing a day, and that can be thrilling for a lot of people. But, unfortunately, living in a rural area means dealing with the rural amount of things to do.

You can drive into a major city to have fun, but there’s less room for spontaneity and random pop-up shops and performances that you’d get to experience while living in a major city like Toronto.

The Availability of Jobs

There are far more jobs in Toronto than nearly any other city in the country.  For some, this is fantastic because they need the options to help decide what they want to do career-wise.  For others, this is scary because it means that there’s also a lot of competition for every single job opening.  

If you know what you want to do for a living and can do it anywhere, the choice may be unclear for you- but if your job can only be performed rurally or in the city- this should make up your mind.

The Cultural Differences

Toronto has been voted the most culturally diverse city on Earth many times, and it continues to blow people away with how many types of people can fit within the city limits.  Unfortunately, more rural areas tend to be one-note, and you miss out on that amount of diversity and inclusion that you can gain from living in the city.

Being around people who are culturally different from you allows you to gain insight into their lifestyles and improve yourself and the world around you- that’s a great reason to live anywhere.