Best 144hz Monitor for Me

The best monitor for you can be quite a challenge to find in the present market, particularly in the event that you don’t know what one is the best fit to your particular requirements. It’s no longer straightforward to select the best CRT that will fit to your desk. There’s a wide range of options to pick from. All of them have different features and specifications. We’ll look at one particular monitor specific to this type – that of the monitor with 144Hz.

144Hz monitors have been available since a long time. They’re referred to as 144Hz monitors since they have the 144Hz refresh rate which is one of the most essential specifications if you’re searching for gaming monitors. If you’re unfamiliar with PC gaming, or to PCs generally, you’re probably thinking what the significance of 144Hz is? We’ll discuss this.

At this point, it’s important to be aware that the article will provide a complete buyer’s guide for 144Hz monitors. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages along with the specifications and all other aspects that need to be considered prior to purchasing an 144Hz monitor.

So, with that thought in mind, let’s dive right into it!

Why Buy A 144Hz Monitor?

The most effective way to answer this problem is to first clarify the specifics of how a monitor’s refresh rate impacts your system. This can accomplish two things. First it’ll provide you with more comprehension of what this feature will bring to a monitor, and, secondly, allow you to know whether a high-resolution monitor with 144Hz is suitable for your requirements.

The refresh rate of your monitor relates to the speed at which it is able to physically update the picture it’s displayed. This is expressed in hertz. It it can range from 60Hz to 240Hz for modern displays , with higher rates being better for gamers. It’s among the most crucial specifications to take into consideration when you purchase a gaming monitor because it has an immediate effect on the quality of your gaming – which we’ll discuss in greater detail later.

In the past, when CRT monitors first appeared the primary goal of its refresh rates was reduce (or completely eliminate) the visual distortion referred to called screen flicker. Screen flicker happens when the refresh rate of a monitor is so low that it is apparent to naked eyes. This puts an enormous stress on the eyes and may cause injury in rare instances. Because of this, monitor makers would increase the speed of the refresh rate to provide the user with a more comfortable visual experience.

With the advent of gaming, refresh rates are now playing an increasingly important part in the buying process. They impact directly on the speed of your gaming and may give you an advantage in competition. Aside from screen flicker the fact that a monitor that has a high rate of refresh reduces visual artifacts, like screen tears. This happens because the speed of the display does not keep pace with your game’s frame rates.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 144Hz Monitor

As with all the major PC-related hardware is, there are some things to be taken into consideration before purchasing the 144Hz display. The goal is to not only guarantee that your choice of monitor select to purchase is suitable to you but it could even save you a few dollars as well. Here are a few of the primary things to take into consideration before purchasing an 144Hz display:

G-Sync/ FreeSync

The first thing to think about the adaptive sync tech. Adaptive sync technology that, when activated it synchronizes your monitor’s frame rate to the frame rate output of your PC so that you can enjoy more smooth, enjoyable gaming experience. If your frame rate isn’t high enough then the adaptive sync feature will not be able to fully benefit. You should make sure that your computer is able to match, or even exceed the display’s refresh rate to be able to use this feature to the fullest extent.

Gaming Performance

If you’re in search of the most efficient performance 144Hz display, I’d suggest purchasing one that comes with the following: outstanding quality of construction, a wide color spectrum, high resolution, a low response time and a top of the best IPS panel. All of these features will ensure your monitor choose will provide the best gaming performance you can get. Take note that these elements can affect the cost – significantly.

Size And Resolution

Size and resolution on a screen can affect your gaming experience quite a bit due to the additional load it places on your system during playing. If you’re playing on an older gaming computer I’d suggest using an 18-inch 1080p screen – like the BenQXL2411P. For larger-powered PCs, you should look for an 144Hz 1440p monitor, like that of the ASUS PG279Q. For the avid gamers I would recommend an 27-32” 4K 144Hz display, like the PG27UQ above – one the top 4K 144Hz displays available.

Color Accuracy

Although these monitors are designed to cater to gaming enthusiasts, there’s those who like to play with both gameplay and innovative workflows. For these users I suggest one that has 144Hz, which comes with an extensive color spectrum (95 percent DCI-P3 or more) and a high resolution and HDR600+, too. Combining these features make sure that not just gaming will feel smooth and smooth, but creative activities also look stunning. The Samsung C27HG70 monitor is an outstanding model of a monitor specifically designed for gamers and creatives.

Your System

As we’ve mentioned that one of the most crucial factors to be considered prior to purchasing a monitor is the performance of your computer. Making sure your PC is able to cope with the extra demands placed on it is a crucial element to consider when selecting the perfect monitor. A 144Hz monitor that has 4K resolution may sound amazing however when placed in the real world it may be a unnecessary expense if it’s you have a PC that isn’t able to handle the frame that are required for those setting.


Price is an easy one, really. The goal is to find an appropriate monitor that meets your requirements, but fits within a range of price that is affordable. Make sure to note that expensive monitors are accompanied by a premium cost. Selecting a monitor with the best quality for the money can be only half the challenge. The monitors listed above show this with aplomb.

144Hz Vs. 240Hz

The only question to be addressed is: If I’m considering an 144Hz monitor Why not get an 240Hz monitor instead? This is a valid question. If you’re able to manage the frames necessary to make 240Hz fully functional using the adaptive sync feature, then it appears to be a simple decision to opt to a monitor that runs at 240Hz, would you say?

There are some factors to think about in this procedure.

Let’s first discuss the differences in the real world. Moving from 60hz to 144Hz shows a significant difference to put it mildly. It’s easy to spot and gives a noticeable performance advantage. But, can the same performance difference be noticed in the case of a jump up to 240Hz? The simple answer is there isn’t. It doesn’t mean that there’s not a difference, but it’s a little harder to see with your naked eyes. The differences in refresh times between 60 and 144hz is nearly 10ms, a similar comparability of 144 to 240Hz yields approximately 3 milliseconds.

Image Refresh Times

It is also important to take into account the price differences as well. A computer with the 240Hz refresh rate may provide a high-quality refresh time however, is it worth the price increase? It’s a matter that only you know the answer to. Personally I would say that if you’re a fan of playing competitive esports but isn’t at the highest level I’d recommend against a monitor with 240Hz. However, if you’re hoping to get every advantage over your opponents the 240Hz monitor can give you a boost in refresh speeds.

Final Word

That’s the complete buyer’s guide to the 144Hz monitors. I hope this article will give you the information to choose one that is perfect for your requirements.

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