Best New Year Resolutions You Can Make For 2021

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As we are getting ready to welcome the New Year, we are also looking forward to adding more positivities in our life. A New Year resolution acts as the perfect opportunity to chalk out all the goals we have in our minds. Regardless of the aim to accomplish, a resolution for the upcoming year boosts our morale and helps us to shun all the negativity we have carried in the previous year.

Though one may have many things to accomplish in their life, most people only want to improve their life for good. It is true that people desire to attain that calmness in their life for dealing with all kinds of situations in their lives.

In this article, we will see what all new year resolutions people can make for achieving superb physical and mental health in the upcoming year. Hopefully, the strategies given below shall help them to get the much-needed balance in their lives. So, let us get started

  1. Start Meditating

Meditation is a technique that can transform your life in ways you can’t imagine. This practice is free and can be done anytime and anywhere. Through meditation, you can create a space between you and your thoughts, helping you to manage the situations of your life in a better way.

Also, as our lives are unpredictable, we may have to often deal with a lot of stress along our journey. Meditation allows us to be centered and not allow the external events happening around us to get the better of us. Moreover, being mindful of our thoughts only drives us to become the better version of ourselves.

  1. Reading More Books

If you were to look at the habits of successful people, one common habit you will most probably find is their habit of reading. Reading expands your horizon and gives you a broader perspective of life. Why readers are mostly successful is because the habit of reading brings them a ton of knowledge, also making them aware about the things that are happening around them.

In addition to perspective, almost all readers are reflective about what they have read. One should definitely have a perspective, but what is more important is to have an ability to reflect on that perspective. All readers possess this wonderful skill.

In the coming year, consider reading a book daily for at least 45 minutes and see how it benefits you for good.

  1. Spending More Time in Nature

If you can just simply expose yourself to all nature wonders, you will see how it stimulates your brain into creative mode. It is true that in the past, many who were geniuses in their craft always kept themselves closer to nature. Hence, it is suggested that you start some “forest hitting” in the coming year.

Moreover, being in a green space is one of the best techniques to cure anxiety and depression. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that people who lived 1 Km of a park or wooded area experienced less anxiety and depression than those who were living in areas devoid of greenery.

Consider working out more in outdoors rather than in the gym. Also try to spend your weekends by traveling more into a greener space. Live your best life by investing more time in nature.

  1. Travel More

Travelling helps you to overcome the boredom that your routines have created for you. Besides, taking a break for some time from work can never be a bad idea. Travelling in places where you have never before only broadened your horizons and deepens your insights about this world. Once you are back home, you will be only returning to work with an enhanced productivity.

Also, you will be meeting new people and also learning about their cultures. It only helps in shattering your preconceived notions you had about places and people you thought of as something else.

  1. Practicing Conscious Eating

Coming back to the health part, you should know that the way you eat is equally important to what you eat. Practicing conscious eating or mindful eating helps you distinguish clearly between emotional hunger and physical hunger. It also increases your awareness regarding food-related triggers and gives you the freedom to choose the way you want to react to it.

Another great benefit of mindful eating is that it helps in weight loss. When you eat consciously, you chew the food well which helps in satiating your hunger quickly. You will see how a change in the unwanted eating behavior supports in losing your excessive weight within no time.

  1. Quitting Smoking

If you have made up the mind of quitting cigarettes, you have already won half the battle. The habit of smoking wreaks havoc on a human body, as tobacco, the chief constituent of cigarettes, holds over 3000 toxic chemicals inside it. These chemicals have the potential to damage almost every organ of a human body.

It is not at all suggested that one should go cold turkey regarding cigarettes. It is also impractical for all people to implement this. Hence, what is needed is a pragmatic approach where one slowly cut down this habit in phases.

One can opt for a nicotine patch to induce nicotine in the body, as it helps in fighting the withdrawal symptoms effectively. Chewing nicotine gums is also a good idea in slowly quitting the addiction to cigarettes.


You have just seen some of the strategies that you can adopt in your daily lives from next year onwards. Although you may have that inertia of going back to your old ways, you can easily overcome it with a little self-discipline. May this new year bring every happiness and prosperity to your lives.