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PDF editors have grown in demand as the document format has become the de facto method for how people and organizations share information. Where the PDF was once an unchangeable format built for uniformity across multiple devices and operating systems, it has now become so widespread that users need a way to edit and make changes to the file. This demand has brought about the rise of online PDF editors that are easy-to-use and more accessible than previous software. Online PDF editors give users the high-quality tools and features of more distinguished programs but with little to no cost. 

Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available for download to a desktop or mobile phone for offline use. Lumin PDF features an easy-to-follow user interface that mimics most other word and document processing browsers so users can start editing their files right away. For the uninitiated, Lumin features many helpful guides on its website to give users a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the software. 

Users can easily upload their PDF files by either importing them from a local hard drive or a Google Drive account. Users can also drag and drop their files into the browser for an even simpler route to begin editing or manipulating their files. Lumin even makes complicated features like compression and conversion automatic, as users need to only select the file they want to compress, for example, to begin the process. 


Sejda is another PDF editing program that gives users access to top-notch PDF editing features and combines them with a bevy of other important features. Sejda is both an online and offline program, as users can download a desktop version for offline use. Sejda’s online browser features an easy-to-navigate interface that lays out all of the program’s most important features. 

Sejda is largely free-to-use, but it does allow users premium access to more advanced tools like compression or conversion features. Sejda is also an excellent option for organizations, as it has specific PDF editing and manipulation features designed for use in business like password-protecting files and watermarking them for internal use. 

Small PDF 

Small PDF is another online PDF editor that is suitable for both individuals and organizations, as it gives all users a wide range of PDF editing options. SmallPDF is also available for offline use, as a downloadable, desktop version that can be downloaded from the main site. SmallPDF provides its users with the standard PDF editing tools like adding or removing text, inserting images and graphics, or rearranging the order and format of individual pages. 

SmallPDF also features more advanced options like giving users the ability to compress large files or convert them into other file types and vice-versa. Users can also find ways to merge and split their PDFs to make them more manageable as well as easier to share and store. 

PDF Escape

PDFE scape is a long-standing PDF editor that was one of the first programs to be developed outside of the Adobe Acrobat suite of programs. PDFEscape offers many important features like editing text (adding or removing) as well as the ability to leave comments and annotations or to insert new design elements like images and graphics. 

PDFEscape is also available in two formats – as an online tool or an offline program – and for use on desktops, smartphones, and other devices. Users can purchase the software to download and use that way, which also gives users premium access to online tools like compression and conversions services. 


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