Better Leverage Your Fundraisng Data With Omatic

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Nonprofits often underutilize fundraising data. Accurate and complete contact, relationship and giving data can be a gold mine that should not go untapped. Whether an organization is seeking to increase engagement with existing donors or broaden its base, supplying the best nonprofit software with relevant gift data can facilitate these goals. Here are a few guidelines for maximizing the advantages of data by using nonprofit data management software.

How to Leverage Your Data

Beyond recording gift amounts, dates and details, donation data is of limited use on a fundraising platform. Some software has built-in analytics, but the value of insights gleaned through these services is also limited without pertinent donor information. Crossing the streams of fundraising data with donor affiliation and relationship data is crucial to leverage the value of all of this information, but can be difficult without the right integration software.

An organization that uses Raiser’s Edge stands to benefit from the combined fundraising and constituent relationship management functions of this software. Nonprofits that use other CRM software such as the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack in combination with a third-party fundraising service such as Classy will need to pursue a Classy Salesforce integration to get the most out of all of the data available on both platforms. For the best results, stakeholders should seek out a data integration management solution purpose-built to support software used by nonprofit organizations.

Fundraising Metrics To Analyze

Most fundraising software makes it easy to identify the amount of funds raised in a particular campaign. A platform with persistent donor records may also enable stakeholders to see the amounts and dates of donations to assess the frequency with which an individual donor gives. While third-party fundraising systems may have some segmentation functionality, leveraging insights from data is often easier and more rewarding in full-featured CRM software.

An integration solution can ensure that the most current donation data is reported from a fundraising platform to relationship management software. The ability to access more information about donors and set specific parameters for segmenting or querying constituents are helpful for timing giving requests, calculating suggested asks, activating matching gift programs and other leveraging measures.

Get More Out Of Fundraising Data

Maintaining accurate and current records in CRM and fundraising software is the first step toward maximizing the usefulness of data and returns on data-driven campaigns. Making this data available across platforms and ensuring that duplications, errors and inconsistencies do not arise is the second measure that is crucial for leveraging data. The right integration solution will ensure that information is readily available across platforms to serve as the basis for more informed analysis and campaign creation.

Nonprofits should seek out dedicated integration software designed to meet the needs of associations that operate on a not-for-profit basis. A platform with data health, import, export, and deduplication functionality can ensure that an organization’s records are primed to deliver the maximum return on an investment in better data management. Once fundraising and donor information is accessible across platforms, stakeholders can pursue proven methods for driving engagement and improving fundraising outcomes.