Fall is an amazing season to experience, it’s fun to have a picnic or just a walk in the pleasant weather, but everything has a negative impact. For example, having a nice backyard during falls might be very good to gaze at, but the next day, it might be way too problematic to clean all the fallen leaves, and anyone who has experienced this will know how much of a task it is.

But with Technological advancements, all the tasks could be eased out. For example, the availability of a blower online and in physical shops had made it easier for people to buy them and ease their exertion.

But, what are blowers?

An Air Blower, mainly referred to as a leaf blower, is a small and simple device used to clean houses, dust spread on garage floors or leaves in the garden. Earlier, it was mainly eased for cleaning leaves and hence the name but nowadays has been brought to use for multiple purposes. Any place that has too much dust or a place where a broom wouldn’t work, a blower can be used for that situation can it is mostly provided with a handle that can extend it and increase the length. Having a narrow opening is effective in cleaning corner places as well.

Types of Blowers and which one to buy?

There are mainly three types of blowers, which are distinguished based on their energy type consumption. The types being, corded electric, battery-powered, and fuel-powered.

  • A corded Electric type of blower is the one which will have a wired switch attracted to it. It needs to be connected with a plug socket to be able to function. This, somewhere, poses a disadvantage of less flexible use of the product. The power extension would be limited, and so the usage. Even if one had multiple switchboards, it could be troublesome shifting plugins again and again.
  • Battery-Powered; As the name suggests, these work on batteries. Most of the time, these are reusable batteries that can be recharged if needed. These are a good option to consider as they have flexible usage because there’s no restriction because of wire extensions. But for battery-powered blowers, one must keep a check of the battery charge so that they don’t have issues when they need it for immediate use.
  • Fuel Powered; Again, as the name suggests, these blowers work on fuel power. They are of great use when there’s no electricity available which may be the case for small villages.

Which one to buy could be debatable for many as it solely depends on needs and usages. Though Battery Powered Blockers are considered a really good choice if one wants free of electricity work, they can go for fuel-powered. As said, it solely depends on needs and choices.

What to consider before you finally buy a blower?

There are a few things one should look for when they buy a blower online or from a shop physically.

  • The first and the foremost thing is what is already discussed above. Then, look out for the perfect type of blower according to your needs.
  • See if you want a handheld or a backpack type. Both of these, though, perform the same function but are different in their ease level. So, for example, if you’re planning to use the blower for comparatively shorter periods and just for dust particles, then a handheld will suit. Still, if you’re looking for cleaning many things for longer periods, then a backpack would be more ideal.
  • Also, look for the sound produced or smoke or any other particles emitted. This should be highly considered as the noise can be annoying and the particles problematic for health.

There are quite a few things one should know and keep in mind about blowers if they plan to buy one. Also, look out for prices and any guaranteed warranty offered with the device.