Book Suggestions For Your Reading Level

Choosing the right type of book for your child can improve their reading skills. Books can very easily discourage children if they have too many complicated words and very easy books don’t give enough growth and practice to the child. Thus it is important to keep in mind the reading level of the child while selecting a book for them. 


What is a reading level?

I am sure that you might be wondering what a reading level is. In simple words reading level is a measure of a child’s ability to read. It also tells how well a child can read on their own. A reading level is not your child’s limitation. Instead, you can utilise the knowledge of the reading level to nourish your child into a fluent reader.


How to measure the reading level of your child?

The level of Children’s book can be broadly divided into three categories: 

Independent- This includes all those books that a child can read without taking help from an adult.


Instructional- These books are one level up from the independent reading. These books are generally given to a child to upgrade his/her level.


Frustrating: These books are very difficult for the child to understand and read on their own. They will need the help of an adult to read them. 

Now that you know the different reading levels you can access your child’s reading level easily.


Here are some steps to choose books according to the reading level of your child. 

  • Measure the reading level of your child: The very step of choosing the right book for your child is to measure the reading level of your child. Generally, the school of your child will measure the reading level of your child. However, if your child isn’t enrolled in any school then you can measure it yourself too. There are several tools on the internet also to analyse the reading level.
  • Find the books that match your child’s reading level: Once you are aware of your child’s reading level your next step should be to find the correct books. There are various programs that will help you in finding the perfect book like the scholastic book wizard. You can find the right book yourself too however you will need to research from your end.
  • The five-finger vocabulary test:  the five finger vocabulary test will help you to find the right book for your child. Hold up five fingers of your child and then ask her/him to read a page from a book. Every time your child is unable to spell a word or doesn’t know a word, put a finger down. If all fingers are down before finishing the page it means that the book is very hard for your child. In such a case you should give an easier book. 
  • Comprehension check: It is very important that your child not only reads but also understands what they are reading. Give your child a book to read and after a few pages ask them to stop and tell you what they have read. If they fail to explain to you what they have read it simply means that they are unable to understand what they have read. In such a situation, give a book that is less difficult for them.


Once you have selected the right book for your child, you should read the following checklist:

  • The book should be easy to read
  • The book should have illustrations to make the book more attractive and enjoyable
  • It should be under 100 pages. Children do not like to read a book that is more than 100 pages. In case your child’s age is between 3-8 years, a book with less than 50 pages would be a good idea.
  • The book should contain simple words that the child can understand easily
  • Your child should enjoy the book that you select.

Also, make sure that you arrange for soft light so that your child can read without stressing their eyes. White lightning believes that the more a child reads, the better a reader they become. Every child can find something as per their taste in books and reading genres here. 


Final Thoughts

Determining your child’s reading level is very important. It helps to build up their confidence and excitement which makes them fall in love with reading forever. There is nothing better than watching your child enjoy reading a book.