What subjects are covered in a business administration diploma?

The number and type of subjects covered by a business administration diploma depend on its curriculum and the university offering it. The subjects can range from finance and accounting, business economics and marketing principles.

The domain of Business education has expanded a lot in the last 10 years. These days, you get scores of business administration or management programs catering to different academic interests and backgrounds.

A business administration diploma can be an ideal program for those who want to enter the business domain immediately and don’t want to adopt the university route. A diploma can be completed in as little time as a year and lets you explore the important concepts of business administration.

Here are a few subjects to look out for in your business administration diploma.

  1. Fundamentals of business communications: The subject covers the intricacies and complexities of communication channels and techniques in the business space. The topic lets you improve your verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. The subject also covers different presentation and seminar techniques that can allow you to put your point across in a productive way in a corporate space.
  2. Principles of accounting: A fair amount of accounting knowledge is important for working in a business organization. This subject helps you pick up important concepts of business transactions and bookkeeping for businesses. You learn how transactions are recorded, adjusted and coupled for creating financial sheets for the business. You will also get a hang of computerized accounting and different business simulations.
  3. Business environment: This subject provides you with a thorough understanding of different business environments and the relationship between internal and external stakeholders. You also learn about different market structures and the influence of global business changes on a company’s environment. This module can help you pick up relevant skills to flourish in a business space.
  4. Management of financial resources: The subject helps you understand the cash flow within the company to arrange capital for different operations. You gain the requisite knowledge and skills to interpret financial statements and assess the financial status of the company.
  5. Marketing principles: Marketing principles include all the aspects revolving around the marketing operations in a company. You learn about the importance of the marketing process as well as the marketing strategies and policies that can make a difference.
  6. Organizational behaviour: Through this subject, you gain a clearer understanding of individual and group mannerisms in a business organization. You can learn to evaluate different management behaviours and their application to determine their efficiency in running the company. You will also discover effective mechanisms for encouraging teamwork and innovations in the company.

Apart from these subjects, some diplomas also have a research project or a work placement module that can help you practically apply what you have learnt in the program. A work placement module can additionally provide you with valuable work experience in the industry.

Invest in a business administration diploma of your choice today for a successful business career in the future.

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