Types of Canon Printers?

The canon brand is famous and quite reputed enough in making high-end printers. Currently, in this post, we will talk about the different types and kinds of printers developed by the canon brand.

Their current printer line is meant for both personal and office use.

Canon makes reliable and super powerful printers. Their two most popular printer line series is this Pixma printer line and the other one is Maxify printer line.

Types of Canon Printers:

Canon Printers

The major types of Canon printers are Pixma printers and Maxify printers. Both of them are famous and competitive printer categories.

We have mentioned complete information about both of these Canon printer categories.

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Canon Pixma Printers:

If you are interested in buying Canon Pixma printers, you will get the best experience. In addition, Pixma has become and grown into the popular line of printers so far.

This respective Canon printer type is known for contributing multipurpose printing solutions. These printers can be used by students, photographers, and working professionals. 

If we talk about the current times, then we have seen that the Canon brand is producing 29 different ranges of PIXMA printers. You can have their PIXMA MG/MX/TR/TS Series.

These are marked to be photo-all-in-one printers and manage to produce great-looking and amazing photographs. This category of Canon printer has the potential to print, fax, scan, and copy.

You can even try out the PIXMA IP Series of printers launched by Canon! You can call them Photo ready single-function printers.  Moreover, they give you high-quality photo prints. Some users like to go with the option of the PIXMA iX Series.

These printers are specifically business-ready and single-function printers. Those who have capitalized in their PIXMA G Series, are making the best use of megatank printers.

Such Canon printers have become the cost-effective Pixma option.

The last Canon printer type linked with the Pixma niche, we have these PIXMA Pro Series. Most importantly, these are professional photo printers and are supreme to be used by photographers and graphic designers. 

Canon MAXIFY Printer:

The next Canon printer category is this Maxify printer niche! Keep in mind that maxify printers are used for small businesses.  If you have got a handful of employees in your office, then investing in Canon maxify printers will be best for you.

As we have told you the details on Canon PIXMA series, in the same way, Canon has classified and divided their MAXIFY printer line. This maxify printer line consists of an assortment of variations at its end.

First of all, we have these Canon MAXIFY MB/iB Series. Most importantly, this respective series of printers are suitable to be used in small offices and home office units. If your business unit has 1-9 users, then you can get your hand on this Canon printer series.

No uncertainty, this printer line is known for its efficiency. It gives out a fast printing speed and also offers a large range of paper accommodating capacity.

Through these kinds of Canon printers, you can print, copy, and even scan and fax.

If you are interested and willing to buy the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer, then such a printer has the power to give out laser-sharp text and 100% high-quality color prints.

Note down that the MB5420 Canon printer makes use of premium cartridges and its print speed is up to 24 pages per minute.

Lastly, if you want to get a Canon MAXIFY MB5020 printer, then you will be getting fast and speedy printing speed out of it.

It has the capacity and aptitude to print up to 23 pages per minute and assure a low cost per page. Furthermore, it allows duplex printing operations and even serves smooth wireless print options.

Most importantly, this Canon printer makes use of PGI-2200 cartridges and ensures high-yielding printing results.


We are just eagerly waiting when more of the Canon printer versions will arrive in the market! Just stay with us and more updates on Canon printers will be shared with you.

You can inform your fellow readers relating to what kind of printer you are at the moment using and what more forward-thinking features you expect to see in Canon printers!