When we talk about good perfumes, we do not generally know what are the characteristics that a perfume must have to be of good quality. Sometimes we trust more than a high price or a marketing campaign that offers the luxury of its fragrance, without really knowing that a perfume must have to be of quality. If you really want to choose good perfumes then do not trust others and buy all the perfumes at the best price at Shop For Perfume.

The fragrance is the combination of different extracts mixed with alcohol, which, depending on the proportions of each part, will create a different aroma from the fragrance, more or less persistent and intense.

From their origins, fragrances have been used to conquer and attract their scent. Most fashion designers have a line of perfumes and even different ranges of fragrances. In this way they give the same importance as to the rest of the fashion accessories such as footwear or clothing.

How to choose a good fragrance

A fragrance can set trends and to choose the one that best identifies with us we must select a scent that defines and represents us. When we go to buy our fragrance we will find a wide range of important brands and attractive presentations. Try not to opt for the one you like the most in sight, since there are some bottles that are really precious, but you should try the fragrance on your skin to know the real result.

You should pay attention to the type of fragrance and see if it is perfume, eau de cologne, bath water, etc.

In general terms, we can say that perfumes are divided into three bases that characterize them:

Florals: they are stronger and sweeter and are made from flowers.

Citrus: compounds based on citrus fruits, they are fresh and light perfumes.

Oriental: based on spices, minerals and woods that makes them heavier and more sensual.

You must think about the use you want to give your perfume before buying it, deciding if you want it for the day or night and if that fragrance resembles your personality. If you get used to using a daily perfume, that fragrance will be part of you and will talk about your way of being and your personality.

To apply the perfume you must put a few drops in specific points: behind the ears, behind the knees, on the throat, on the chest, on the ankles and on the wrists.

How to distinguish a good perfume from a copy

The offer of cheap perfumes that are sold outside the classic channels such as perfumeries and authorized points such as online perfumeries can sometimes be attractive due to the cheap prices they offer.

Its doubtful origin has to make you doubt from the beginning, however, we are going to give you some guidelines to distinguish a good perfume from a copy:


In original perfumes, the cellophane has a body and remains perfectly adhered to the packaging. Fake perfumes are usually wrapped in thinner cellophane and do not adhere to the packaging, leaving air between the cardboard of the box and the plastic of the cellophane.

The case

The cartons of the imitations are of poorer quality and you can tell just by looking at them. In addition, the original perfumes have an internal assembly that prevents the bottle from moving.

The label

All perfume manufacturers are required to itemize ingredients on their label. Fake perfumes may not have that label with the ingredients, no lot or traceability code, etc.

Perfume interior

The clandestine workshops where fake perfumes are made are very different from those where original perfumes are made. Hygiene conditions are basic so that the fragrance does not come into contact with any microorganism that can vary it.