Tips For Choosing A Courier Company And Managing Product Delivery Times

Choosing a good transport and courier company is one of the great challenges that online pharmacy owners face. That the arrival of the product occurs within the established deadlines will generate trust and reputation necessary for your online drug store, thus managing to attract and retain customers.

Do you know how to choose a courier company that suits your needs? Aim! Remember to always keep the following in mind:

  • The price and quality of the service offered. The quality/price ratio is always an important factor in the sustainability of your online pharmacy.
  • The geographic location to which shipments are made. A company whose shipments are produced in the same city is not the same as an online pharmacy that can even deliver abroad.
  • Transportation is the only service that online pharmacy can outsource by law.
  • The additional services that the transport and courier company may provide with the contracting of the service. It should be taken into account, for example, which drugs should be stored at a low temperature so that the cold chain is respected throughout the process.
  • They offer information on returns and detailed information on delivery times on your website.
  • In managing product delivery times, you can count on:
    • The integration of technology in shipments. Your pharmacy must specify the company that will make the shipment and the times of the different options (standard, urgent, express) and the difference in price if any.
    • Try to offer the option of order tracking.
    • Asking your customers to rate the quality of the service offered will be one of the best channels for feedback and improvement with which you can continue to grow day after day.

 Tips for taking care of your customers: customer care

As we mentioned before, differentiation is necessary for an increasingly broad and competitive sector. Besides the convenience of buying from home and savings, using traditional loyalty techniques can be key so that buying at your online pharmacy becomes a habit.

Some of the resources available to you when it comes to showing the more human side of your online sales service are:

  • Discount coupons exchangeable on future purchases or discounts on the first purchase.
  • Take care of the packaging. Try to make a difference between the packages of your company and those of any other. Predictably, when dealing with pharmaceuticals, your customers will expect more meticulous methods.
  • The gifts of product samples, which can mean customer loyalty around certain brands and items.
  • Congratulations on special dates such as Christmas and birthdays through the subscription of clients in the Newsletter.
  • Launch of sweepstakes on Instagram, which will help you position yourself better in networks.

It is about making your customers see that behind each online transaction is a human team’s work that pampers and takes care of every detail. Everything is perfect the moment the order reaches its final destination.

Pranesh Balaji
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