Cheap SEO: Yes, It Is Possible!

I have heard enough cheap SEO horror stories in my short lifetime, and it really saddens me because it doesn’t have to be that way.Business owners (or the people they get to find an SEO expert for their website) want to get the best result for the lowest price- and that is fair enough; they are running a business. But what they usually do is head straight to Google and search for ‘cheap SEO or ‘affordable SEO and choose their expert by whoever has the lowest price!Usually, they get burnt by an untrained or unethical person and then decide to do one of two things:1. Ditch the idea of their website getting a lot of traffic from Google; or2. End up paying a ‘reputable’ company $ 1,000’s a month for SEO consulting.The sad thing is that if they educated themselves and did some research, they could quickly get cheap SEO that is also great SEO (because it is getting them ranking well on Google (and the other search engines).

How To Get Good Cheap Seo In 4 Simple Steps

1. Get Educated!If you don’t want to get scammed by a money-hungry marketer, you need to know what you are talking about. So start learning about SEO, there are so many SEO resources available on the internet (it’s free) and start educating yourself on the critical aspects of search engine optimisation.2. Know Where To LookWhile Google is great for finding pretty much everything – cheap SEO experts are one thing that should never be found through a search engine. The problem is that when you search Google, you are going to get a majority of Australian companies. While that is great if you are looking for premium price SEO consulting – Australia is not where you want to look if you want affordable SEO.If you want affordable SEO services, you need to find cheap labour – because quality levels are the same globally (there are good and not so good SEO processionals in every country). So what you need to do is learn how to find professionals from countries with lower wages and hire them to conduct your SEO services.This strategy is or arbitration or outsourcing, and if you would like to learn more, you can download a great free ebook called ‘GEO Arbitrage ‘that will explain the whole concept (and where to find low-cost labour!)3. Ask For ReferencesYou do it with all other areas of your business, so do it with SEO research. If you find someone who seems to know what they are talking about and their prices seem reasonable, you want to ask for some references. All you have to do is ask for 5-10 examples of pages that they have personally got listed on the front page for Google. Then ask if you can contact those website owners to ask for their opinions on the person or company.4. Start Them SmallNow that you are ready to hire someone, don’t give them your whole business. Start them one single keyword and give them some time to rank your website in Google. If you are happy with the result, you can start to provide them with more keywords.I am trying to say that you can get cheap SEO if you know you are smart about it. And if you are willing to follow the above four steps. I don’t see why you couldn’t find an SEO expert for just a fraction of the cost on some UK SEO services companies – and still get fantastic results.

Link Building Strategy: Outsourcing

Today I want to talk about a link building strategy and share my latest product that I think you will absolutely love!Many people don’t mind doing some of the SEO services themselves, like keyword research and content writing, but most people hate how tedious and boring link building can be.But link building is an essential part of the SEO mix, so I want to introduce to you my secret link building strategy.Outsourcing Link BuildingNow, most people do when they hire an SEO company with full SEO packages to optimise their website, but what I want to show you is a cheap and reliable SEO method that will have you ranking quickly, gaining a lot of search engine traffic and saving yourself a lot of money!Introducing Cheap Link Building Exposed!This link building strategy is something that I have been using to rank my own websites. Since most of my online income comes from search engine traffic, this search engine strategy is literally part of my bread and butter!>> Cheap Link Building Exposed On Fiver <<(Available in $5 on Fiverr).

What Is Cheap Link Building Exposed?

Over the last year, I have shared a few articles in the last year on how I outsource link building for less than $2/hr, and since I am only sharing the basic concepts in the post, I have been getting quite a lot of people asking me to share the whole process – so that they can copy me.Cheap Link Building Exposed is my response and includes:1.    Over 1/hr Of Case Study FootageWatch as I go through the whole process of hiring a new link builder from start to finish!2.    My Proven TemplatesThe job description and interviews are integral in making sure that you get cheap link builders and quality. I have tested and perfected my templates, and you can steal them for yourself!Sound good? Let Me Share My Case Study Results!1. 55 JOB APPLICANTS2. I GOT ONE APPLICANT TO LOWER HER PRICE BY OVER 20%3. MY NEW LINK BUILDER DID OVER 200 LINKS IN A 5 HOUR TRIALPlus My Secret Way To:
Suppose you’re making niche blogs or websites or just looking to increase search engine traffic and fortify and build on your search rankings. In that case, Cheap Link Building Exposed will save you thousands of dollars in trial and error because in it, I share my secret link building strategy!