Cheapest Months to Book Flight Tickets to India

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India is a diverse country that is renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage. It’s home to one of the oldest known civilizations, the Harappan civilization. The immense diversity in faiths, ethnicity, and cultures is reflected in the different festivals and celebrations of the country. Naturally, many people, captivated by the country’s mystical origins, desire to take a trip to this place.

But any decision on undertaking a visit should be made only after considering the right time for buying tickets. By knowing about the USA to India cheapest flights you can make your booking process much more convenient.

You will thus be able to find out about those airlines that provide direct flights from the U.S.A. to India at highly affordable rates.

Knowing About the Different Seasons for Flight Booking

There are some factors that you need to take into account for a smooth flight booking process. Remember that the prices are lower on specific days than on others. For example, if you book a flight during a weekend, you can expect higher prices.

If you decide to undertake a trip during the peak season, you need to prepare yourself for encountering high ticket prices. Now, you need to understand the three major seasons when you can book the cheapest flights from the US to India. The prices in all three seasons will vary considerably.

The peak season

The peak season in India begins in June’s second week and continues till July end. If you decide to arrive in India from the U.S., you will have to brace yourself for a costly flight to Bangalore. November and December are other peak season months. If you have a tight budget, you should avoid booking a flight during these months.

 The off-season

It is the best time to book a flight to Bangalore from the U.S.A. The season begins during mid-January and continues till late May. The ticket prices during these seasons turn quite economical. Another off-season pattern is noticed from the second week of September till early November.

The intermediate season

At this time, you will find the flight prices hovering in the middle. They are neither too costly nor too cheap. The season arrives three times a year. It starts around the 5th of August and continues till August ends. A similar pattern in ticket prices can be seen from the second week of November till December 10. Lastly, this season also spans from late December till late January.

The Right Time to Purchase Cheap Flight Tickets

Did you know that flights are cheaper at night than in the daytime? It is because not many people prefer to travel during the day. If you want to take a trip to India, you can take advantage of this fact. According to recent statistics, February is the best month for booking a flight to India. If you book in advance, you can easily avail of some of the cheapest prices.

How to Minimize Extra Expense on the Journey

  • Refrain from booking during the holiday season as tickets are quite expensive.
  • If you want to travel during the festival time, ensure that you’re booking your tickets three months in advance.
  • Don’t book your flight at the last moment as they are costly.
  • Always keep yourself updated on the airfares as they change almost every day.

 Gaining knowledge of the right time to book a flight can have a transforming effect on your expenses. Hopefully, the article would have enlightened you about the right time to think of traveling to India by air.