Choose Smart Hotels to Make Your Journey More Enjoyable

Currently, the hotel industry is changing to a model without human resources. Fewer humans, more robots! As the hotel industry shifts to a low-manpower model, we see an increase in smart hotel solutions around the world. In the hotel automation sector, technology primarily acts as a tool to increase hotel productivity, improve human resource allocation, and replace low-value tasks, reduce energy consumption, and provide better hotel services to guests. However, the hotel automation system may never replace humans.

The smart hotel phrase in an age where everything from smartphones to intelligent cities surrounds our lives; Not so strange. The hotel industry has no choice but to offer smart hotel solutions to keep up with the flow of technology; Hotels where everything can be controlled with just one click and remotely. Of course, the benefits of hotel automation are not only the income of the guests; But the hotels themselves can benefit from it in different ways. If you are eager to know more about smart hotels, HDL company, which has more than 30 years of experience in the intelligent industry, has provided some fascinating information about this.

What are the smart hotel solutions for Hoteliers?

A smart hotel is a hotel that makes the most of internet-based electronic devices, with Tools and smart hotel solutions that can communicate or interact with each other.

Hotel automation means that even ordinary machines and tools can send or receive data. The ability of these devices to communicate with each other allows users to control multiple devices from a single point by using a remote control, phone, tablet, TV, or smart speaker. Besides, the above tools often can receive and use information from the Internet and thus respond intelligently to user requests.

What Are the Benefits of smart hotels for Guests?

Undoubtedly, implementing smart hotel solutions is a win-win game. Because both hoteliers and hotel guests benefit from it. Now we answer the question of how the hotel automation system can help both guests and hotel owners:

Smart hotel guests experience a high level of personal ownership

What smart hotel solutions offer guests are more opportunities for more personalization. For example, guests can remotely control their room TV. On the other hand, there is a central control to adjust the TV conditions inside the room. In fact, with this smart technology, different devices can automatically create those conditions.

Smart hotel guests have easier access to information

Undoubtedly, one of the most important benefits of using smart hotel solutions for customers is the possibility of more convenient access to information. Guests can use the smart speakers to submit their requests and receive answers. These tools can also be connected to other hotel services. For example, you can use a smart hub to access restaurant inventory information. Again, this intelligent hub is connected to the hotel restaurant reservation system and provides you with up-to-date data. Some hotels have even gone a step further. By connecting wall maps to the Internet, these hotels enable guests to obtain information and opinions from users about the cafes, restaurants, and attractions of the destination.

Entertainment facilities with smart hotel solutions are more diverse than past in the rooms

Once smart technologies make their way to your hotel room, you no longer have to turn your room TV networks up and down. Instead, you can watch your favourite shows and movies as soon as you turn on the TV. These programs are provided using a multimedia service and provide you with direct access to comments. Besides, if you fall asleep at the foot of the TV, the TV will turn off automatically.

Finally, it can be said that the most crucial goal that the hotel automation system pursues is that from check-in to check out, a hotel guest must only ever experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience. To make this a reality, HDL Automation has developed a range of smart hotel solutions for hotel host to improve the working efficiency and for guest to enjoy their journey.

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