Choosing Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirror placement is an important factor for creating beautiful small bathroom mirrors .
The distance between mirrors and fixtures should be no more than a few inches so that they do
not glare at each other. Arranging some small bathroom mirrors on either side of the door, or
even arranging a couple of small bathroom mirrors on top of the door are different decorating
ideas that help make visually bigger areas in the room. Mirrors can also be placed in smaller
corners, as long as the distance does not exceed one foot.

Small bathrooms are usually smaller in terms of space. Larger mirrors are mostly suited for large
bathrooms. For small bathrooms, it is recommended to use smaller-sized mirrors, preferably no
bigger than one inch in diameter. A couple of small mirrors placed on the wall will help increase
the size of the bathroom image source.
Bathroom mirrors are normally placed on one side of the vanity unit. But some mirrors are
designed to be placed on top of the vanity, either across the top or to one side of the vanity. It is
possible to mount an entirely mirrored bathroom mirror on top of the vanity. Mounted mirrors
are usually chosen over standing mirrors, as the mounting will enhance the appearance of the
image source.
Bathroom mirrors with a combination of lights and dark colors look great against large mirrors.
Bathroom mirrors with frosted shades and light are also quite stylish. Similarly, bathrooms with
stainless steel vanities are often adorned with chrome mirrors, as the combination of silver and
chrome provides an impressive effect.
Lighting can enhance the appearance of any small bathroom mirror. Fluorescent lighting placed
behind the vanity can make small mirrors look larger. Chandeliers or recessed lights are popular
options for this purpose. Bathroom vanity lights can be switched on from the inside and can
highlight the vanity and its image.
There are some advantages of having large, fully installed mirrors in small bathrooms. Firstly, the
full-size mirrors can help open up the room and add to the spacious feel. Furthermore, the large
image source eliminates the need for placing other decorative items around the bathroom. Dark-
colored wall hanging works well with the dark bathroom theme and having ceiling lights above
the mirrors also creates an attractive effect.

Mirrors mounted above the sink can create an illusion of additional space. Bathroom mirrors
with a single, centered image source can add elegance to the bathroom. Such bathrooms also
look best with a mirror that is frameless. Bathroom mirrors that have two to three images can be
used to enhance the appearance of the entire room. For smaller bathrooms where the natural
light cannot reach the floor to illuminate the mirror, an adjustable mirror can be used, and its
angle can be changed from side to side depending on the amount of natural light available in the
Some additional features to look out for when purchasing bathroom mirrors are the number of
settings available, and the mounting position. A number of mounting options are available such
as tilting, 90-degree rotation, and fixed position. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a full
range of settings, from small to larger sizes. If the light in the room is not strong enough to shine
through the whole image, a border could be used along with frosted or beveled edges, to help
soften the harshness of the light. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a bathroom
mirror should enhance the look of the room and not crowd it with unnecessary wires and