Choosing the Right Restaurant Table Tops for your Business

Choosing the Right Restaurant Table Tops for your Business

This goes without saying, but a major part of your restaurant interior’s look owes its design to restaurant tables. Aside from providing a comfortable space for your patrons to hang-out and eat in, table tops also give a distinct style to your restaurant. Not only is their purpose in your restaurant practical but incredibly aesthetical as well.

As such, restaurant owners must put a lot of thought when choosing restaurant tables for their dining space. An odd looking table top will severely affect the traffic your restaurant experiences. You also need table tops that are durable and easy to maintain. That being said, choosing the perfect table top isn’t rocket science if you are aware of a few basic tips.

In this article, we would like to familiarize you with a few of those tips. Following them diligently will help you land on table tops that satisfy both you and your customers.

So without much further ado, let’s look at some essential tips that are guaranteed to prove helpful when choosing restaurant table tops.

1 – Paying Attention to the Overall Ambiance of Your Dining Space

The theme of your restaurant… we are talking about the décor and color on your walls, the lighting being used and the music being played in your restaurant, should play a major role in influencing your table top decision. It would do you wonders to carefully assess the overall ambiance of your dining space.

This way you can choose table tops that ideally complements that ambiance, which is distinct to your restaurant. You don’t want your table looking out of place in your dining space. So make sure you take the overall theme and style of your restaurant into consideration before selecting a table top.

2 – Material Matters

Restaurant table tops will be where you serve food to your customers. As such, you need them to be durable, resilient to damage and comfortable to dine on. Material used to manufacture the table top matters most when assessing these parameters. You also need a table top that can handle a mess, is easy to clean and maintain. We recommend going for table-tops made from timber, resin, butcher block or stainless steel if you want a table that is both easy to clean and strong.

3 – Assess the Shape

Table tops come in a wide variety of shapes. You have square, rectangular and circle shapes that are most commonly found in restaurants around the world. The shape will play an important role in determining the overall style of your restau rant. However, style isn’t the only thing you need to consider. The shape should hinder your customer’s comfort. So consider your restaurant’s inner space to select the ideal shaped table top.

4 – Indoor or Outdoor Setting

Table tops placed indoor require different care than table tops placed outdoors. Outdoor restaurvbant table is susceptible to damage from harsh weather, heat and dirt. Indoor tables can experience damage from high traffic, dust and spillage. The maintenance work for both will be different as well. Go for sturdier, easy to clean table tops made from metal or wood for outdoor use.

For table tops, bases and complete sets, make sure to check out Restaurant Furniture Plus’ online store. We offer custom-made tables that complement your restaurant perfectly. If your restaurant needs premium quality tables, simply reach out to us and we will walk you through our catalog and the entire process of designing your own tailor-made restaurant tables.

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