Create the Ultimate Dream Backyard

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We all want the best version of our homes so we can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. There are many articles about interior design but let’s talk about the patio designs for a while. If you have kids, this is especially important since spending time out on sunny days (with proper protection) is very healthy for them and it can also be pleasant for you if you make a good balance between a playful area for kids and a relaxing area for you and your friends. Your outdoor space design can depend on your personality as well since people who like privacy will prefer a cozy backyard with a calming garden or big stony pond, where they can be relaxed and alone or with few more people. On the other hand, people who like parties and barbecues in the summer will prefer places where they can invite a bunch of friends and enjoy the pool, the parties along with the firepit with the lights that give them a special ambiance at night. It is up to you to decide what suits you and your budget the best. We will give you some ideas for a backyard arrangement that will transfer your backyard into your personal oasis. Keep in mind that not all the ideas are for everyone’s budget so in case you need something more affordable, you can look for DIY ideas as well.

Install pergola in your backyard

A large pergola can be an excellent solution for escaping the strong sun rays and having nice gatherings with your family and friends. You can have lunch or snacks under it or furnish it with some cozy chairs where you can enjoy. The materials can be many, look for vinyl, fiberglass, or metal. Pergola can be of different designs as well and they come with decorative grating or sun shades with its canopy. Have in mind that this element will need a little bit of maintenance although there are budget-friendly pergolas as well so you can look for them as well. Pergola can be even more decorative if you grow some vertical plants next to it or even vines that can bring you your own grapes (or vine if you know how to make it).

Upgrade your pool

A backyard from dreams must include a pool. It can be a small one or a lavish one, but there are upgrade ideas that can make it look wonderful even if it is not a luxurious pool. Backyard pool ideas are so numerous that they can have their own article. Nevertheless, we will only mention some of the most attractive ones.

  •     The space where you have your pool can have tanning ledges. You can place some pool furniture there and enjoy the sun while sipping some cold cocktails. This feature is built-in, so it might be inconvenient for you to add it to your pool. In that case, you can make a stone path to your pool and avoid getting your feet dirty while walking to the pool and get a nice and unique touch to your pool at the same time. With a little landscaping along the way, you can upgrade this feature even more.
  •     LED lights can make some ambiance along with your pool, especially at night. The options are various, it can be regular color light or light in different colors that can be very suitable for parties at night. Their price is affordable as well since they are cheaper than the regular halogen bulb lights for the pool. The water in the pool can look different as well depending on these lights so it’s more of an advantage.
  •     Don’t forget the decoration and add some pottery to your pool. We will mention gardening further in this article.
  •     Other than the pergola, the pool area can be furnished as well to become the place where people gather. This can be the main point of your backyard if you want to. Lounge chairs are perfect to make it even more cozy and enjoyable.
  •     Create pebble borders for your pool, especially if the edges of your pool touch the grass. This will make it look very natural and nice. There is no decor that doesn’t match with this and it can be done by yourself so it is budget-friendly. The stone can be of different shades and sizes.

Fireplace or fire pit lounge

Imagine a sunken patio with a fire pit in its center. It is something like a bonfire but in your backyard. You can invite people and gather around it. The furniture that surrounds it can be benches or something cozier like lounge chairs with cushions. We leave it up to your imagination. You would need wood, propane, or natural gas in order to maintain that fire though. This can be a good source of light at night, so in this case, you wouldn’t need artificial lighting. Besides that, it looks better than many other lighting ideas, other than being a source of warmth.

Backyard pond

Another water feature for your backyard is a large pond. While a pool is for extraverts where they can throw parties, a pond is a more relaxed option for people who might prefer to spend some time in a quiet and peaceful surrounding. This is not a general rule though. If your backyard is spacious enough, you can make a plan according to its topography and design a place where this feature could be installed. It should be positioned in a place where it wouldn’t bother anyone or where other people are not passing by too often. The options to upgrade this feature, once installed, are numerous. A small waterfall or a stream can be included or even you can have goldfish. There are pond plants like lilies that will look wonderful in your pond.


You can have a beautiful garden in your backyard. A garden is very common for suburban areas of the USA and it can be very achievable if you have the willingness to dedicate your time and some effort to it and if you have the right tools. Your kids can participate in this since it is not very difficult nor is it dangerous. You are going to need a couple of useful tools, like reeling hoses, gloves, secateurs, hand trowel, etc. Sites like Hoselink US provide gardening tools so you don’t have to worry about that and you can find everything in the same place. Bear in mind that some plants can be dangerous if not for you, then for your kids or pets, so inform before seeding them.


A pavilion in your backyard can be an upgraded version of the pergola. It is meant for spacious backyards where people can gather and have different activities, like playing games or enjoying the food. Even on rainy days, you’re protected under its roof so it’s suitable for any occasion and weather. If you have a small bar installed inside it can be perfect for tasting some drinks while enjoying the scenery of the outside.


There are many lighting ideas for your backyard that can be a cherry on the top for your outdoor space. Let’s mention some of them. You can convert moss planters into solar pendant lights and put them on your patio. They can adorn your pergola and be useful at the same time since they will cast some discrete light while you hang out with your friends. Another option is that you add a jar filled with fairy lights and have an even more discrete and gentle glow. Lanterns can be an excellent choice for the patio and you can frame your doors with them, along with your front porch or garage. The whole patio will be glowy. Your backyard will look homely and everybody will like to spend time there. If your backyard is small, then any upgrade can do wonders since you won’t need too much effort to make it look different.

To sum it up, if you have decided to upgrade your backyard and make a lavish personal oasis there, first think about your budget and your personal preferences. If you prefer tranquility you can install a peaceful pond and if you like parties, then a pavilion along the pool can be an option for you. Make good planning and make the changes gradually. You don’t need a fast makeover, take your time and enjoy it because working on your new patio can be fun. If your budget is limited, investigate DIY options and slowly see your backyard becoming the dreamy backyard you always wanted thanks to your effort and energy.