Customized your different folded leaflet like bi-fold leaflet

A folded leaflet can be folded in a variety of different ways in the face they are so handy that several opportunities can be overwhelming.

From gatefolds for posting to concertina fold for menus whatever type of folded leaflet your restaurants, cafe financial service provider, you name it and folded leaflet will feature in their marketing plan somewhere, they don’t just hold virtually endless creative possibilities either almost there are lots of advantages of the various type of fold each suitable for a specific type of marketing message or promotional scheme.

Choosing the right type of folded leaflet can be very challenging and especially if you want to dispatch your information in the best way possible so here, we as VC Print helps you to fulfill all the requirements and give the best results you needed for your business.

Type of folded leaflet

  1. Bi-fold leaflet

A bi-fold leaflet also called half fold brochure and it is made up of a single sheet of paper folded into two this divides the two parts separately, the bi-fold leaflet most common and best general purposes.

Z fold leaflet

The z fold brochure also divides a single sheet of paper into three and It got its name from distinct from shape Z that folds each panel on top of one other. The z fold is also great for general product presentations.

  1. Tri-fold leaflet

the trifold leaflet divides a single sheet of a paper into the three sides, the right panel folds underneath the left panel, and the standard leaflet size of the tri-fold is 8.5 x 11, and the tri-fold leaflet is giving a perfect balance between design and content.

  1. Gatefold leaflet

The gatefold divides the paper into three unequal panels with the side panels measurement’s one-half pf which width of the central panel, as the name implies the side panels fold like a gate, the gatefold works best for single product presentations or a graphics-heavy design.

  1. French fold leaflet

The French leaflet also known as the right-angle fold is a unique fold that divides the leaflet into four parts the paper is folded in half and then folded in half again vertical to the first fold. It is great for heavy graphic maps and invitations to sales and events are the great content choices for the French fold.

  1. Accordion fold leaflet

The accordion fold sections your leaflet into four panels which fold on top of one another like an accordion.

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