Kirill Tolmatsky was born on July 22, 1983 in Moscow, in the family of producer Alexander Tolmatsky and medical administrator Irina Tolmatskaya. The parents divorced, the father married a second time and in the new marriage his son Fedor and daughter Anfisa were born.

Kirill’s debut on stage took place in 1999, when he performed under the pseudonym Decl at the Adidas StreetBall Challenge festival in Moscow.

The very next year Tolmatsky recorded his debut album “Who? you ”, which became megapopular – its circulation amounted to more than a million only official copies.

In 2001 Decl released his second album, Street Fighter, which became no less successful than the first. Most of the lyrics for the songs were written by Kirill himself.

“I can’t say that my son ‘caught a star’ sitting next to Lenny Kravitz and J. Lo in the legendary New York hall at the MTV Video Music Awards. There was nothing like a painful belief in an indisputable confession afterwards. The same persistent search for oneself, one’s own theme, one’s own music, “- said Irina Tolmatskaya in an interview with the Collection. Caravan of Stories ”(February, 2020). The quote is taken from “KatMovieHD

In 2003, Tolmatsky took part in the reality show “The Last Hero-4”, the adventure project “Fort Boyard” and the programs “Oh, lucky!”, Comedy Club, “Battle of Psychics”, etc.

In 2004, Decl’s third disc was released – “Detsl aka Le Truk”, for which Tolmatsky took a new pseudonym Le Truk.

Le Trick appeared and with him another “I”. At a certain stage, Cyril became interested in the study of the past, the philosophical components of life, and the topic of the name in many cultures is considered important. Kind of like a name – almost destiny. He said: since ancient times, people took pseudonyms to confuse nagas (evil spirits), and believed that each of your new names is a separate you, “said Irina Tolmatskaya in an interview with Collection. Caravan of Stories ”(February, 2020).

Despite the fact that some of the songs from the new album became hits, in general, the third disc of Decl aka le Tryuk was recognized as a failure, and one of the clips was even banned from showing on Russian television due to the propaganda of soft drugs.

“The unsuccessful collaboration with the Universal Music Group label hit hard on pride and wallet, they were hard to break the contract. The bigwigs said that the album “aka Le Trick” sold poorly, did not compensate for the production costs. The son believed that he was generally cheated, because only Moscow and St. Petersburg were considered, and he always sold better on the periphery, “said Irina Tolmatskaya in an interview with Collection. Caravan of Stories ”(February, 2020).

Because of a quarrel with his father, and in order to avoid a conflict with the recording studio of Alexander Tolmatsky, which owned the rights to the Decl brand, Kirill added a solid sign to his former pseudonym – Decl. And soon another pseudonym was added to Decl and Le Trick – Juzeppe Jostko.

“Giuseppe Zhestko is generally a separate character, he allows himself all sorts of jokes, he is distinguished by his straightforward judgments. Can embed the truth-uterus between the eyes. Le Truc reads philosophical rap, reflective, and Decl is childhood with parties, the street, skinheads. Searching for an answer to the most important human question: “So who am I?” – in different years, they brought their son to very unexpected places and areas. He traveled a lot, saw. Something attracted Jamaican shamans, something attracted Japanese samurai, “Irina Tolmatskaya said in an interview with Collection. Caravan of Stories ”(February, 2020).

In 2005, Kirill made his film debut, playing Vasya, Stepanych’s grandson in the film “Dacha for Sale”. Then he starred in the films and TV series “Paradise on demand” (2013), “To Baikal 3” (2016), “The Law of the Stone Jungle” (2017). The quote is taken from “Moviesflix

In 2008, Decl, together with the St. Petersburg rapper Beat-Maker-Beat, recorded the fourth album – “MosVegas 2012”, which was distributed only at concerts and through Internet sites.

The next two years of his life Tolmatsky devoted to the creation of the fifth album “Here and Now”, in the recording of which Noggano, Smokey Mo, Knaru, Robert Ryd and other famous musicians took part.

From 2014 to 2018, Decl released three albums at once, which made up the “Decillion” trilogy: “DancehallMania” (March 2014), “MXXXIII” (September 2014) and “It doesn’t matter who’s at the helm” (November 2018).

Decl passed away on the night of February 3, 2019 in Izhevsk. The musician took part in a private party in the Izhevsk cafe, after the performance, being in the dressing room, he felt unwell, complained of aches in his hands, cramps. The ambulance team arrived quickly, performing resuscitation measures for half an hour, including adrenaline injections, but to no avail. But Kirill’s heart stopped.

According to the official version, the cause of death of the 36-year-old musician was acute heart failure, which was a complication of cardiovascular disease.

In July 2020, the show of the last TV project with Decl’s participation starts – the adventurous series “Chased”, where he was given a whole series. Irina Pegova, Mikhail Trukhin, Olga Medynich and Vitaly Kornienko also played in the TV movie.


2000 – Record 2000 – Debut of the Year
2000 – “MTV VMA” award – “Boku no Pico” video
2001 – “MTV VMA” award – Russian viewers’ choice
2001 – “Golden Gramophone” award – “Letter” track
2012 – “Golden Gargoyle” award “- Legend of the Year
2019 -” Heat Music Awards “- Hip-hop legend (posthumously)
2019 -” MUZ-TV “award – Contribution to the development of hip-hop (posthumously)

A family

Widow – Yulia Kiseleva, former Nizhny Novgorod model
Son – Mercury Anthony Ioann Kirillovich Kiselev (born June 17, 2005), family name is Tony


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