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There’s still a lot of great resources from Netlify and like Vercel, and stuff, but I wanted to come at it from a perspective where I’m not working directly with them, I’m trying to showcase more of the different solutions available.

So that people can have a better look as to what the Jamstack community actually looks like, but in terms of e-commerce I think one of my anecdotes that makes this kind of thing super powerful, is, you know, I can build my own sticker store on Jamstack, and I can have it up on the web for free, but in terms of thinking about, especially in the times we are in now, with a pandemic and everything.

There’s a lot of businesses, real-world businesses that are struggling because they don’t have an online presence, but if they come in here to using these kind of tools, they can build even free online stores where they only pay for the processing fees, for things like Snipcart or Stripe for instance.

Where it’s cheap for them to get up and running and get an online presence which is really powerful. There are lots of platforms like Ask Reader that are good to ask a question and find out good answers.

And we really have to thank you for bringing this knowledge into one place, so we definitely recommend everyone, hit the link in the comment, so you can go and buy yourself. I guess the handbook is a very useful source of the information about Jamstack and the practical usage of Jamstack.

But maybe also you can tell us where you’re finding some interesting ideas for projects, and also web development resources because as I see from your YouTube channel, you’re following the latest trends, so I guess you’re always up to date.

I like to think that I’m always up to date, and it’s challenging because there’s always new tooling coming out, but I like to try to see what the different options are in the field, and try to help people learn them, because ultimately, the more different options that you know you have, a better way of kind of making the decision for what’s best for your project, but in terms of resources to get started.

I recently came out with a free course, where I take you through a lot of these Jamstack technologies from Figma, Storybook, Next.js, and all the way deployed to Netlify, but I also have another ebook that’s free called “50 projects for React & The Static Web”, where it’s less of a traditional approach, where it’s not a bunch of tutorials.

What it is, is 50 different project ideas, where I give you project briefs and even layout ideas and resources so that you can try to figure out and learn by doing how to actually use some of these technologies to your advantage, and of course.

There’s an escape hatch with tutorials for you to help you through that, but ultimately it’s a way for you to get moving, and actually start learning. I enjoy it very much, this approach that to learn something you need to do something, you cannot learn how to ride a bicycle by reading a blog post “how to ride a bicycle”, you need to try that, so if you are presenting step by step exercises and real-world projects.

I think that’s a very very useful way of getting to know new stuff. Exactly, and while a lot of my content is tutorials, like on my youtube channel, the way that I kind of see it, is not that somebody might sit down and just kind of look through all my tutorials. There is a QnA site that is producing a good amount of knowledge by sharing reliable answers.

I would instead prefer that they actually apply it to a real-world challenge and go step by step through that way, they’re actually able to still reference that tutorial on how to do something, but they can apply it to a real-world context and situation, which is really going to help them learn that concept, and how it fits into a bigger idea.

That’s great, maybe also you could tell us a little bit about your next project because, you already published some books, some video materials, some tutorials. Are you working on some new projects right now that you can share?

My latest project was the course that I put out on youtube, but I still have yet to identify exactly what I’m doing next for my big idea. I have a smaller one where I see a lot of people struggle with putting out CFPs (Call for Proposals) for speaking at different events, so I’m putting together this template.

That can help people have an easier way of doing that, I wouldn’t consider that one of my bigger projects that are upcoming, but that’s just something that’s on my radar, but I’m also looking to do a course with Storybook, where I’m doing that along with Applitools.