Digital Printing on Fabric and its Techniques

Digital printing on fabric is a new development in the textile printing industry. It is basically a digital printer that is specially designed for the purpose of printing designs and images on fabric materials. This is one of the most innovative printers that are available today. It uses laser dyes in creating prints on various fabrics like polyester fiber, vinyl and Spandex. These machines can also create photographic reproductions. They are suitable for printing various types of textiles like silk, cotton, jute, bamboo, linen and silk.

There are several advantages associated with using a digital fabric printing machine. These machines offer several advantages like speed, quality and economical approach. Most customers prefer to purchase this kind of printing equipment as it offers faster printing results in less time. The image that is printed by this machine can be seen on the material very easily and rapidly. This digital textile printing machine ensures very high quality print out and is easy to use.

When you purchase a digital fabric printing machine, you should check the print heads. There are various types of print heads available in the market. You should select the one that offers smooth and even finishing. The print heads of this machine should have high performance and should be long lasting in nature.

The cost of a digital fabric printing machine market size depends upon the model and the features that you choose from the market. It is advisable to perform a thorough research and then choose the best one that suits your requirements and budget. You should always try to buy a machine that has all the latest and advanced features. It is important to do a market research and find out the top three models that are being used by many people in the market. By doing a market research you will be able to know the pros and cons of each model and then finally choose a specific model.

The market competition in the digital fabric printing machine market is intense. There are several players in this competitive landscape. There are only two major players in this competitive landscape – Colorjet and Roland. Other manufacturers such as HP and Epson are providing similar services. Therefore, it is advisable to do a market research and find out the competitive landscape of each company.

The digital fabric machines are made available in various models. The latest models have better processing speed and faster finishing speed. However, they also cost more. It is important to do a thorough market research and then choose the best one that suits your requirements. The machine manufacturers textile machine have made it easy for customers to locate their required machines on the Internet.

Colorjet is rated as India’s largest manufacturer of Fabric Printing Machines with network in more than 18 countries. If you are looking at Direst to Fabric printer, then Vastrajet leads the market and in Dye Sublimation printing- SubliXpres is the market leader. What makes Colorjet most popular is their after sales service in India with heads and other equipment of machines being readily available.