Disability Insurance is an Extremely Important Financial Product

In the life of any working professional, irrespective of his/her line of work, the most important thing is to be able to work without any disruption like disability caused by illness or accident. That is fine for optimism and positive thinking but we all know how harsh life can be. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 millennials in America will face some kind of disability in his/her lifetime. This risk projection is based on studies of the lifestyle of the millennials today as well as the environment they live in. Depending on the nature and scale of disability, the victim may or may not be able to work; and no work means no income.  Now, if you are a young doctor, it would be ridiculous not to get disability insurance to cover against any such eventuality. 

Two-thirds of Americans don’t take disability seriously 

That is a surprisingly large number of people in what is presumably one of the most advanced markets for insurance products. The stats don’t lie and it doesn’t matter whether you are a young doctor or old – when disability strikes, it won’t spare the young just because you have got a life ahead to live. Just get a doctors disability insurance cover without delay. 

If you are not clued up on the stats that matter, then get your facts right – disability insurance services are not for the old and the infirm; they don’t need it. If you are a young doctor, it is for you. The old and infirm don’t have to work to earn an income. It’s the youth who need to work to earn an income. If you think only accidental injuries cause disability, then you couldn’t be more off the mark. 

Disability is not a short break from work 

There are folks who assume that disability is just a short break from work as it mainly involves a limb injury in their opinion. If you are a doctor, you would know better that the average recovery time from disability in America is over 31 months. You will need a healthcare professionals disability insurance to see through such a crisis. 

As a young doctor with student loan repayment commitments, you cannot afford to be without work for that long. You have living expenses and other bills to pay. If you don’t get a physicians disability insurance cover it would be like walking on thin ice considering the risks of getting disabled as a doctor. 

Illnesses are the main cause of disabilities 

There is a surprisingly large number of young doctors who think they are immune to disability and the cause of their optimism is that they don’t think they are likely to suffer any accident. If you also share this view about disability, you need to know that over 90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses and medical conditions. 

Speak to a disability insurance broker and clear up your doubts. As a doctor you are among the most risk-prone individuals in matters of disability. In fact, you ought to know something about the number of people who get disabled because of illnesses and medical conditions. After all, you are right where the cases of disability can be validated easily. 

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