Do You Want a Better Website in 2021? Here’s What You Can Do

When you get visitors to your site, you have approximately five seconds to get their attention. This is a tough call for any website owner indeed because your audience has an attention span of five-year-old kids. But it’s doable, nonetheless, as long as you know what you should have – and what you should change. Not all websites are perfect, but some are as close to perfect as they can get. So what differentiates these websites from the rest, and, more importantly, how can you make your site a much better one and improve its retention rate? Do you want a better website in 2021? Here’s what you can do.

  • Implement a stronger and more robust call to action

You may already know that calls to action are crucial in getting visitors to do something once they are at your site. You have to direct visitors and make it clear what you want them to do. And this means coming up with stronger and more robust calls to action. Your call to action should nurture your visitors and encourage them to convert without being too overwhelming. You can, for example, place call to action words or elements in areas like the top portion of your website’s navigation, underneath sections that require specific action, and at each page’s bottom portion.

  • Use proper images

We have all heard it before, but it should always be emphasised – use the proper images. Images are an investment, and poorly-done or low-quality images can do a lot to turn off potential customers. The experts like It’seeze, the specialists in web design in Cheshire, recommend making use of original photographs and images, but if this is not possible, then you can at least pick out the proper stock photos.

A lot of websites make good use of stock photos, and stock photos can add to your site’s appeal – but there is such a thing as being too much as well. Some stock photos are already considered a cliché, so stay away from those. It’s best not to go for ‘cheesy’ images – such as people doing high-fives with exaggerated smiles, a group of five or six people looking directly at the camera, people in suits jumping high in the air, and so on. Instead, look for photographs that showcase realistic situations and scenes. This could include people talking around a conference table, an individual using a laptop, etc. These kinds of scenes will look more legitimate. Look also for more candid photos and photos that are set in real life rather than in a studio.

Even if your website is just a small personal one with a few redirects and sticky elements, you need to be able to recover it in difficult situations. For that, the best solution is Emergency Recovery Script – a PHP script that works independently of WordPress and provides relief as well as admin access in just minutes!

  • Organise your site’s navigation

Designing the right website involves making navigation a priority as well because, with proper navigation, you can direct the journey of your visitors through your site and help them find core information about your business and brand through your products, services, blog, and the like. Nothing fails more miserably than a website that has confusing or disorganised navigation – such as navigation that’s overstuffed or navigation that uses confusing or vague hypertext. If your visitors cannot easily find and view what they are looking for, you aren’t giving them any compelling reason to stay.

To improve and organise your site’s navigation, give your visitors streamlined site content and hierarchy. You should also focus on responsive design so your user’s experience will not dramatically change once they’re on mobile.