Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Ranking Over Time?

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Can a web hosting service affect the SEO ranking of your website? Did it ever cross your mind how hosting service could interfere with the performance of your website? If not, you should spend some time hovering over the issue. Experts claim that web hosting might affect SEO ranking over time. So, it does matter whether you are using BlueVPS or any other web hosting service as they do affect your overall performance.

Many things play their part when it comes to the SEO ranking of your website. So, make sure you read that. Along with that, don’t forget to understand how all these factors get affected by choosing the wrong web hosting service. Without wasting time, let’s jump right into it. Keep reading.

Crucial Points How Web Hosting & SEO Ranking Relates

Website Loading Speed

The loading time of your website will oppressively impact the user experience on your website. Also,  your users are likely to bounce off your website if your website doesn’t load within 2 seconds. That hampers the SEO ranking of your website. 

You could boost the speed of your website by diminishing the number of media or by compressing the images on your website. However, nothing can impact the speed of your website as your web hosting. 

It might be impossible to achieve the 2-seconds loading speed with standard Shared Hosting. Hence, you should consider private web hosting services. A faster loading website won’t only delight the website users but will also have a significant impact on SEO.

Server Downtime

This is one of the most important factors that can significantly impact the SEO of your website. If you are constantly experiencing server time-out, it is a pivotal sign that your web hosting provider is unreliable. Time-out won’t only impact the performance of your website, but it’ll also gravely hinder your SEO.

For illustration, a potential client enters a query that’s immaculately suited for the services or products you offer. However, if your server is down, the search engine crawlers will never find it. This will lead to the loss of the said client and more importantly, will degrade your website’s SEO. 


Might not have been a decade ago, however these days, the location of your web hosting server may have a significant impact on your SEO. Since every website is nearly offering the same service, it becomes difficult for search engine crawlers to find the right website.

In that case, it chooses the website whose web hosting service has the same location as that of the query. Therefore, in case you are targeting the US or UK market, make sure you have the server based in these countries only. 

In such situations, new avenues came into existence that could be helpful for your business. Hence, you can put all your focus at a particular location to rank higher in that location.

Security Services

Even though the speed and trustability of your website matter, security is also a pivotal factor that will impact the SEO of your website. Google and various other search engines have started giving preference to secure websites.

This means, if your website is secure, your chances of getting ranked are higher. For instance, Google giving more preference to websites having  SSL certificates is an illustration of the extent to which your website security is pivotal for your SEO. 

Therefore, the security features offered by your web hosting service company will be critical in the overall security of your website. You must always go for a web hosting service that has a good track record and offers the rearmost security features.

Sum Up

All these points related to your web hosting service will impact the SEO ranking of your website. Hence, you should be extremely selective while comparing with BlueVPS and other major web hosting service providers. In any case, always choose the best service as per your need and budget.