Dream Date at The City of Dreams

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Is London a good city for dating? According to Tinder, London is known to be the best city in the world as far as dating apps are concerned. Speed dating and online dating is currently a trend in this City of Dreams. 

The typical dating set up in the UK is going to a local bar while talking and drinking in the getting-to-know stage. But the truth is, there are lots of beautiful places and exciting events that await dating couples in London. 

Dating in the City of London

What is dating in the City of London be like? There are a variety of activities that couples can do around the City of London. The city has a lot of romantic restaurants, food markets, jazz bars, museums, concert venues, and other outdoor amenities that dating couples can enjoy according to their preferences. 

Although British people are more of a reserved type of person and more often than not, do not display much emotion in public, it won’t stop them to give the best date to their loved ones. 

Dating in Restaurants

If both of you feel like eating and drinking is the best way to bond and to know each other more, then you can find your way to the nice view restaurants in the city. There are lots of food markets around the town and you can also eat cheese together in a barge-inspired restaurant. 

Make your date more romantic and make it a date to remember by having a fine dinner while watching the sunset together from the top of the Gherkin.

Pleasure and Leisure Dating

When you feel like watching movies and concerts will be more interesting than just eating and drinking in any fancy diner, then the city of dreams still has a lot to offer.

In London, you can watch a concert in a car park. If you feel like watching movies under the moonlight stars, both of you can try the alfresco film screening held every summer. Or if you want a good laugh for a moment, you can visit Battersea Center and watch some comedy in the courtyard and laugh together. 

Kids at Heart

If eating at romantic restaurants and watching concerts and movies bores the both of you, then you can try a lot of other activities that you might find more interesting. 

If you are into sports, you can try bowling at All-Star Lanes. Bring out the kids in you by riding in a pedalo at Ally Pally. Or you might want to try kayaking with your partner and ride in a kayak to Crate Brewery. 

These were just a few of the places you as a couple might want to visit and enjoy each other’s company while dating. 

Dating Amidst Pandemic

Online dating, speed dating, casual dating, or blind dating – whatever type of dating it may be, we all do this kind of thing hoping to find someone that fits our personality and vice versa. Someone who enjoys our company and someone that can make us happy and inspired.

London might be a good place for dating for it offers a lot of dating activities but always remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and the threat of the virus is still on. This pandemic might not stop you from dating but be mindful of the situation, and always prioritize your and your partner’s safety at all costs. 

Always practice safe healthy protocols to stay healthy and keep safe from the threat of the deadly virus. Stay safe everyone and happy dating.

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