Emotional and Attitude Problems Kids for Adoption in Georgia Face?

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When a person loses someone or something dear to them, they undergo mixed emotions of anger, distress, and loss. So, think about the children put up for adoption; some of them are of the age where they don’t understand the whole situation. They face many emotional and attitude issues when the candidates are adopting a child in Georgia.

Factors Affecting Decision of Adopting a Child in Georgia

The people who want to adopt a child will not back out from their decision, but sometimes some factors discussed below affect the decision power. The following questions have to be considered by an adoption lawyer to make the right decision.

Why was the Child Adopted?

If the couple is adopting a child to give financial and emotional support, then it is a noble cause, and a lawyer will prefer the candidate to have this intention. But sometimes people adopt the child for all the wrong reasons. So, knowing the reasons for adoption and investigating them is essential.

Who is Adopting the Child?

Although there is no definite law that forbids anyone above the age of 21 to adopt a child, people with a criminal background or who cannot provide financial support are not eligible to adopt.

Which Type of Adoption is Selected?

The main reason for knowing the type of adoption is that open, closed, stepparent, relative, and international adoption have different rules and regulations. The candidates have to know about them; so that they can handle the child accordingly.

Why did Birth Mother want to GIve up?

It is essential to know the reason for the birth mother to give her child up. Knowledge of this intention will help the adoption lawyers and the adoptive parents to make the children understand why their mother abandoned them.

Attitude and Emotional Problems Kids for Adoption in Georgia Might Face

After knowing the aspects that affect the adoptive parents, the lawyers like Tom Tebeau need to make it is vital for the lawyers like Tom Tebeau to make adoptive parents understand the emotional, psychological, and attitude problems that adopted children face. They are going through a phase of mixed emotions and also don’t understand what is going on.

The Feeling of Being Rejected

Their adoptive parents are not accepting a fear that is always in the minds of adopted children. This happens as the parents themselves are having issues welcoming the child into the family. So, they might feel rejected, but that is just for the time being because the lawyers like Tom Tebeau need to make ultimately everyone copes.

Heavy Burden of Lossing a Close One

The mature children who can understand the whole situation feel the heavy burden of losing a loved one, primarily either or both birth parents. They are craving for answers, and sometimes the adoptive parents don’t have them. This makes them even more frustrated.

Strong Feelings of Aggression

The children can divert feelings of aggression towards the birth parents for abandoning them; or the adoptive parents for accepting them. The later aggression is irrational because the adoptive parents are taking the child in because they want to care for the child.

Having no Identity

The child adopted a different religion, culture, or ethnicity as their adoptive parents face this issue. Although these are not forced to adopt the culture and religion of their adoptive parents, they still face problems coping with the change.

Lossing Self Confidence

The feeling of losing self-confidence is closely associated with being rejected by birth parents. The children feel lost between two identities; one is who they initially are, and the other is what their adoptive parents want them to take up.

Unable to Confront the Truth

Children have a single way of escaping every situation, and that is the flight from the issues. They don’t want to accept that they have been adopted. This makes the situation even worse.

The main reason for discussing the emotional and attitude issues of adopting a child in Georgia is that adoptive parents are aware of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adopted child syndrome?

This term is disputed and has raised a lot of controversies because it is a term used for the weird behavior of children who are adopted. But this term can’t be used for all situations of adopting a child in Georgia because many times, children cope well initially, but circumstances change their behavior.

Why do adopted kids have so many problems?

It is not necessary that children who have adopted display signs of problems. Many cope extremely well and adjust to their new family. But the children who are facing feelings of distress, neglect, abandonment, and anger face adjustment issues.

What is a good age to tell a child they are adopted?

Adoption lawyers and counselors suggest telling the children about their adoption when they are mentally mature and handle the pressure. It is also advised to discuss adoption with the child bit by bit.

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