Everything You Should Know About EMF Blocking Paint

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Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a serious topic, with over 80% of countries legislating to regulate their existence.

They can be emitted by power lines, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, and even smart meters. The problem is that these EMFs can cause health problems ranging from headaches to cancer, especially when exposed to long periods of time.

If you want to reduce your exposure to these harmful EMFs, you should consider EMF blocker paint. In this article, we explain exactly what EMF blocking paint is and how it works.

What Is EMF Blocking Paint?

EMF blocking paint, or EMF shielding paint as it’s otherwise known, is used to protect people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. It can be applied directly on walls and floors.

The best way to use this product is by applying a thin layer over existing wall paints. This will prevent any damage that may occur when painting new surfaces. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional wallpaper, then EMF-blocking paint could be your solution!

How Does EMF Blocking Paint Work?

These paints contain special pigments that absorb electromagnetic radiation, making it harder for the radiation to reach your body. They also block out other forms of energy, such as infrared rays and ultraviolet light. These are all types of radiation that have been linked with health problems like cancer.

What Is an EMF Paint Additive?

The additives in these products work together to create a shield against dangerous levels of electromagnetic waves. When they come into contact with each other, they form a protective barrier around the surface where you want them to stay. There are many kinds of additives available, including:

  • Titanium dioxide — A white pigment that absorbs UV rays and helps reduce glare.
  • Zinc oxide — An opaque yellowish powder that reduces reflection.
  • Iron oxides — Red, brown, black, and green pigments that help make the paint more durable
  • Silica gel — A clear substance that acts as a moisture absorber

These additives are all designed to form a protective barrier. So make sure you’re buying the right thing when shopping for EMF paint.

Why Do I Need To Ground My Walls With EMF Painting?

There are several reasons why grounding your home should be done before installing EMF blocking paint. But the main reason is that it protects you from exposure to high-frequency radio frequencies emitted by cell phones, cordless telephones, microwave ovens, and wireless routers.

How to Ground EMF Paint

Grounding when applying EMF paint is vital as it is conductive. So for safety purposes, you must ground the paint. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to ground EMF paint.

  1. Remove old tape from the area where you plan to apply the paint
  2. Apply two coats of primer first before applying the base coat
  3. Once both layers are dry, apply one coat of the main coating
  4. Use a sponge brush to remove excess paint and wipe off the remaining residue using a clean cloth.
  5. If you have to, sand down the edges
  6. Connect to a ground source after the conductive shielding paint has dried but before overcoating

Follow these steps along with the instructions on your grounding kit. That way, you’ll know you’re safely using the paint.

EMF Shielding Paint Improves Your Health

EMF blocking paint can protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs. It will not only keep you safe from any potential harm caused by EMFs, but it will also improve your quality of life. As long as you take care when applying it, you can now go about your daily life with ease.

Keep reading for more lifestyle tips on staying safe!