Farm Sinks See Huge Revival in Popularity Owing to their Ample Benefits

Farmhouse sinks are back in vogue now, with many people installing them in their houses. Micro families have also recently become inclined to farm sinks. The 7-inch deep farmhouse sink can add a rustic charm to your kitchen. Moreover, it is ideal for a kitchen featuring a countryside-decor theme.

Farm Sinks: Back in Trend

The sinks are notable for their deep and wide basin structure. The design dates back to the 1600s when all homes did not have access to running water. Farmhouse sinks were standard in rural areas, giving it its original name. Lately, it has stepped its game in the contemporary kitchen styling, with many homeowners preferring this style and interior decorators recommending it.

Practical to use and Aesthetic Look

The apron front style is known for not just its aesthetic look, but for its value addition too. The design is a wise choice for families needing a big storage place. The depth of the basin prevents the water from getting splashed on the countertops or the cabinet beneath. People used the wide basin to store water in the olden days.

A Refined Style Variety

Farmhouse sinks are also interchangeably called apron and apron front styles.

  • Farmhouse sinks are made out of traditional materials like fireclay and porcelain. These are generally white and feature a single basin. However, you can divide the basin into separate reservoirs depending on your need.
  • Apron sinks, on the other hand, are made from different materials. This design’s unique selling proposition is that this style has an exposed apron front on one side.

Win-a-Win Situation

The deep basin of the apron fronts may become a bit uncomfortable for taller people. However, the front section reduces the space between the edge of the counter and the sink. In a kitchen with a standard sink, the countertop’s sliver lies between the counter’s edge and the sink. That is why leaning over the edge causes back pain and strains for people using it. A farmhouse sink eradicates the need to bend or lean over to wash the utensils.

Moreover, the infiltration of the trendy sink style in modern kitchens comes with a hefty price tag. The price depends on the material cost, design, and brand. Experts always recommend calculating the return on investment in case of such purchases. You can choose a Kraus farm sink, which is available in varying materials, colour, finishing, and styles.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, think of installing a farm sink as a strategy to get huge returns in the future. Compared to the regular kitchen sink maintenance, farm sinks require less maintenance if experts appropriately install them. However, without proper installation, the countertops and cabinets possess a risk of water and structural damage.

An essential aspect of getting farmhouse sinks for your kitchen is matching the installation requirements. Unlike the other kitchen sink kids, farm sinks have additional installation requirements owing to its unique design. The cabinets, as well as countertops, require permanent alterations for accommodating farm sinks.

That is a negative aspect if you modify the kitchen with the previous kitchen sink like a normal one. In such cases, the entire cabinet unit beneath needs replacement. It calls for plumbing and other modifications as well.

The apron front sinks often cut the plumbing access points and faucet; therefore, you will need to cut into the wall or the countertop to install the required accessories. Such modifications, indeed, increase the installation price for farm sinks.

Mounting Styles

Before purchasing the sink, you need to consider the styles that will perfectly fit your kitchen. The under mounted sinks offer a classic look to the kitchen. The mounting type of the original sinks is the same as the sink beneath the countertop. If you have granite or stone counterparts, under mounting is an ideal choice.

Also, the sides of the exposed materials are mould-proof and do not distort easily. This style has an edge over others as it will stop the countertop drainage for washed dishes.

The top-mounted sinks include a lip around the tub’s edge, which lies on top of the countertop’s surface, unlike the under mounted style. If the surface of your counters constitutes wood, then installing top-mounted farm sinks is a wise choice.

Surfaces like laminate can get warped by extended exposure to water, and thus experts recommend top-mounted sinks.

Since natural materials craft these styles, the sinks usually possess an uneven surface near the edges and the lips. It elucidates the impression that the sink might have a noticeable gap between the counter and sink, which is why experts recommend waterproofing treatment in such cases.

Also, whichever material the sink and countertop is, a generous amount of caulking sealant is necessary to avoid any mold and mildew in the space. Molds cause extensive water damage; therefore, you need to thoroughly learn all aspects of the installation of such sinks.

An Array of Materials

Few materials that professionals use to construct these trendy sinks include stainless steel, marble, granite, fireclay, slate, and copper. Nowadays, stainless steel is the preference of the people due to its cost-effectiveness.

Other materials such as porcelain and marble offer a classy look to the overall model but are easily prone to shattering and require regular maintenance. On the other hand, copper bears a high price but provides an additional use of creating a unique patina over time.

Farm sinks are gaining popularity at a steady rate. Owing to their vast number of aesthetic and usage benefits, you can choose a reputed brand of sinks aiding you to obtain the best services.

It offers a surface beauty and provides a mesmerizing look to your kitchen model. The classic charm of the farm sinks entices people to invest in them. It not just serves looks but brings a lot of helpful features that you need in a modern kitchen. Eventually, the cost of the sink overcomes by adding value to your home in due time.

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