Farming 101: Your Guide to All the Types of Tractors

Did you know that 25% of farmers in America are beginning farmers, having been in business less than 10 years? If you’re looking for ways to grow your farm and ramp up production levels, it might be time to invest in new equipment.

But with so many different types of tractors on the market, how do you know which one makes the most sense to buy for your farm?

You’ve come to the right place for guidance. Keep reading to learn about the different tractors for farming so you can make an informed decision on how to help your farm grow.

Compact Tractors

As its name suggests, a compact tractor is small, ideal for fitting in tight spaces like vineyards. It comes equipped with a comfortable seat, so you can tend to your hanging fruits easily, or trim trees while you ride.

Thanks to their small design, they also use less fuel than other tractors, making them an economical option.

Garden Tractors

If you own a smaller farm or you want to focus on gardening, then consider purchasing a garden tractor. Another small option, they’re commonly used to cut grass and easily maintain a garden.

Because they’re ideal for smaller environments, keep in mind that they come with less horsepower than other, bigger farming tractors.

Open Field Tractors

In some cases, you’ll need a big machine to make your job easier. Look no further than an open field tractor, which can pull heavy farming equipment like balers and seeders. It’s a high-performance tractor, with plenty of horsepowers to help you prepare ground and harvest.

Open field tractors are ideal for use on mid-to-large dairy or livestock farms. If you’re looking for a tractor that will make your life easier on a large farm, you can’t go wrong with an open field option.

Row Crop Tractors

If you plant rows of crops, then consider purchasing a row crop tractor to help you manage them. This type of tractor is comfortable to drive and takes work off your plate by helping with essential tasks like leveling, plowing, weed control, and more.

Row crop tractors also have higher ground clearance, so they’re easy to maneuver without risking damage to your crops.

Utility Tractors

Think of utility tractors almost as a type of general-purpose tractor. They’re probably what you imagine when you hear the word, “tractor” because they’re designed for everyday use to help with a variety of general tasks and are one of the most common types to see on a farm.

You can use a utility tractor for plowing and pulling other heavy equipment like tillers, harvesters, and hay cutters. Keep in mind that utility tractors may use diesel fuel, which can be more expensive to operate. Read more about where to buy the best tractors by clicking the link.

Understanding the Different Types of Tractors

Now that you’ve read more about the different types of tractors available, you can start thinking about what you need to run your farm more efficiently. The right tool can make your life much easier!

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