Fitness Apps To Get Best Results And A Healthy Life

The craze and craving for a slim body is part of every person’s dreams. Going to a gym may not be a feasible option for many, which poses an obstacle to a healthy life. Worry not, because going to a gym is not the only way to get fit and lead a healthy life.

Changes in diet and following exercises at home can get you very good results as well. Change your lifestyle by avoiding junk food and eat healthy fruits and veggies. Organic foods are a great option that helps your muscles and body get exactly what they need, free from toxins. Find your own healthy balanced diet that will lose you some kilos.

In today’s modern world, the secrets of a healthy life are brought straight to you through these apps that help you improve your diet and get along with exercises that provide you with the slim body you always longed for. So we bring you a list of some of the best fitness apps that you can try out and get started towards a healthier life:

  1. My Fitness Pal- It is free to download and available for both Android devices and iPhone. It has one of the largest databases about foods, nutrition, diets and simultaneously keeps track of your fitness and exercise routines. With a detailed report and analysis of your schedule and calories, you can be sure to use it to adapt and improve your lifestyle. With a massive active and motivating community, you can get all the help you need on the forums.
  2. Strava- It is another one of the quality free apps that are available for both android and iPhone. It aims to bring together athletes from all around the world and keep track of statistics so that you can compare your progress with someone else around the world. This keeps the environment competitive and motivates you to focus on your routines and improve regularly. It also comes with a paid subscription that unlocks many more features that you can take advantage of.
  3. Sworkit- Sworkit is also completely free to use with additional paid features. It allows you to set goals, keep a record of your progress and analyse the results to further plan and become healthier. It is simple to use and comes with many workout routines and even trainers and coaches that can help you with the exercises and diet.
  4. Couch to 5K- The app costs around $3 and is focused on getting couch potatoes; people who don’t really like exercises and working out; to go from fat to fit. The aim is to get to running 5K, as the name suggests, through training and running schedules. It is beginner-friendly and allows you to keep track as well as share progress with your friends on Facebook to motivate them as well. The nine-week running plan gradually incorporates physical activity in your daily life and gets you in shape eventually.
  5. JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log- This app is made for gym enthusiasts who want to continue their routines and keep track of the progress even while at home. It provides statistics such as graphs and measurements of all the gym workouts you do. It is free to use and comes with a large number of exercises that you can do on the various gym equipment. You can compare your progress with the massive community on JEFIT and stay motivated and competitive.
  6. Glo- Glo brings together exercises and yoga for a healthier life. It comes with a 7-day free trial and lots of classes that help you control your breathing, strength and other aspects of the human body via meditation and yoga practices. It is beginner-friendly and comes along with advanced lessons for anyone wanting to try out different and difficult yoga exercises. They have a large number of certified world-class instructors that guide you through your lessons in order to become fit.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body- the famous saying pretty much sums up the importance of working out and staying fit. And no better way than to use the fitness apps to start at home with customized plans that meet your requirements. You can choose from the free options available or pay for a subscription according to your needs and get going; whether regular exercises and balanced diets to yoga and Pilates. We hope that our list of some of the best mobile software help you get a slim body and a healthy and fit lifestyle.