Five Best Hardwood Flooring Brands

It has become easier and easier to identify which brands are winners and losers in the flooring industry as the number of solid hardwood flooring brands declines due to the rising popularity of engineered wood floors. 

Besides hardwood flooring, we need engineered flooring as well to achieve solid hardwood floors. Several niche markets have been created as a result of the fragmentation of the market, each targeting the distinct needs of its respective clientele. 

Due to this, the following are the ten most popular solid hardwood brands in alphabetical order, without regard to the order of appearance.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Brand

Sometimes, you have to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. If you need interior painting, floor sanding, or laminate flooring installed, Impulse-remodeling can help. Installing solid hardwood is a different matter. A significant portion of the time will be consumed by learning the system itself unless you are experienced.

Wood flooring from Bruce is like fast-food: competent, but not that exciting. While there are several solid hardwood options available, it tends to focus on domestic oak, and hand-scraped or distressed finishes are limited.

Because of being carried by non-affiliated companies, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, who take care of nearly 4,000 locations collectively, Bruce blankets can be found in all parts of the world. Bruce flooring is easily accessible from wherever you live, so you won’t have to drive for too long to find one.

Getting your flooring in person will save you money in freight expenses. It is almost as important that your flooring can be returned if necessary, whether it’s extra or the entire batch. While retailers will often give you special deals for free shipping, they won’t offer to ship you the product back for free.

Carlisle Hardwood Flooring

Carlisle plans to change the lofty status of a plank by making it accessible to more homeowners and facilitating their understanding of this unique product.

The cost of wide-plank flooring will always be higher than that of 3 1/4-inch solid wood flooring, irrespective of the brand. Premium sections with center-cuts in the middle are almost always more difficult to mill. In the words of Dan McMillan of Carlisle, cheap wood flooring is cut from every part of the tree, in lengths ranging from one foot to six feet.

Factory-finishing is the company’s 40-year-old business method. Site finishes adhere tightly and have a tight, onion-like feeling; factory finishes tend to be hard and hard. Factory finishes must be removed with chemical strippers; site finishes can be sanded with relative ease.

The House Brands Of Lumber Liquidators

By Lumber Liquidators, you can get low prices on a wide range of lumber. Regular shoppers to this store will always find an assortment of odd-ball items on sale, so it is worth visiting it regularly. Some people may not like the cherry piano-finish (glossy) floor, but if you prefer it you are more than welcome to have it. 

For about pennies per square foot, you could have about 139 square feet if that suits you and if that is the amount of space you demand.

As well as offering prefinished solid and engineered hardwood floors at highly competitive prices, Bellawood also offers prefinished solid hardwood flooring. Bellawood is known for its affordable prices, but its reputation for quality is a little less than stellar. 

As long as you follow the store’s recommendation to order 17 percent more flooring than you will need for your project (rather than the more usual 10 or 15 percent) then there is a good chance of you receiving defective flooring.

Hearne Hardwood Flooring Brand

We’re not at Discount Flooring-O-Rama, that strip mall chain you see every “going out of business” sign at. This company has been based in Pennsylvania for more than three decades, and members of the Hearne family make regular trips to South America to buy hardwood flooring.

We keep in stock 140 different hardwoods, some of them unique. As well as Ash and Chestnut, what about Bubinga, monkeypod, tulipwood, schedule, and padauk? These are available if not on hand.

A 67-inch band saw and a 67-inch belt sander on the premises can handle most hardwood sizes. All work is carried out at the 20,000 square-foot Hearne facility in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Premium products have a price, but this is the real thing.

The Woods Company Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring lacks consumer trust. Reclaimed wood flooring companies can gain traction in the internet wasteland, such as The Woods Company (TWC).

They specialize in reclaimed wood. Because of our location (Southern Pennsylvania), we can easily source barn wood.

Flooring does not exist for us. Small amounts of maple were used as flooring, but you don’t want it that way. 

We remove distressed grade flooring from beams where the wood has been authentically distressed for over a century. 

The TWC is an expensive niche flooring. TWC’s “Specials” list has bargained for homebuyers, so if your credit card is handy and the volume is right, you are likely to score a good deal.