Simple Tips To Fix Why Facebook Page Not Loading

Like any webpage on the web, Facebook has its issues now and again. Clients have announced break mistakes, clear screens, slow stacking homepages, and numerous different issues to Facebook’s Help Community. The most well-known issue is that the Facebook landing page won’t stick. In the event that you can’t sign in or can sign in yet can’t perceive any substance, there could be a straightforward answer for raising your Facebook profile. Below are some ways to fix your issue but if these don’t help you then contact facebook customer service. These are only a couple of ways that individuals have effectively beaten the Facebook clear screen of death. 

What Facebook Recommends 

In the event that after you sign in, an unfilled white screen shows up, Facebook proposes reviving the page or ensuring that JavaScript is empowered for your program. To check your JavaScript settings for normal programs, here’s a guide. 


  • Snap-on the Chrome menu on the program toolbar and select “Settings.” 
  • Snap “Show progressed settings” at the base. 
  • Glance in the “Security” segment and snap “Content settings.” 
  • Snap-on the air pocket for “Permit all destinations to run JavaScript” if it’s not previously checked. On the off chance that you need, you can add an exemption only for JavaScript to be utilized for Facebook by clicking “Oversee special cases… ” 


  • Open Firefox and type in the location bar “about config.” Press enter. 
  • Snap “I’ll be cautious, I guarantee.” 
  • In the inquiry bar, look for “javascript. enabled” without any statements. On the off chance that you as of now have this empowered, at that point you ought to have the option to see Facebook. In the event that you don’t think that it’s, at that point look for “javascript.disabled.” Right snap the string when found and snap “Switch.” It will currently be empowered. 
  • Introduce additional items like No-Script, QuickJava, and SettingSanity to physically control your JavaScript settings for Firefox. 

Web Explorer 

  • In the “Apparatuses” menu, click “Web Options” and snap the “Security” tab. 
  • Snap-on “Web” zone. 
  • Snap “Default Level.” Click the “Back” catch and afterward click “Revive” to run JavaScript. 

It is safe to say that you are Using HTTPS Instead of HTTP? 

Another normal motivation behind why Facebook doesn’t stack is on the grounds that safe perusing isn’t accessible for all of Facebook. For instance, it’s not accessible for Facebook Apps. In the event that you have your Facebook set to peruse in secure mode, it might cause issues when exchanging to and fro between HTTP and HTTPS. To fix this issue, you can type in HTTPS rather than HTTP when perusing to Facebook.com and afterward follow these means: 

  • Snap-on the “Record” menu in the upper right corner of your Facebook and select “Record Settings.” 
  • Under Account Security, click “Change.” 
  • Uncheck “Peruse Facebook on a protected association (HTTPS) at whatever point conceivable. 
  • Snap “Save” and close. Resume your program and direct to Facebook.com. 

It is safe to say that you are Using the Latest Browser? 

In the event that you haven’t refreshed your program in some time, it could be an ideal opportunity to update to fix issues with different locales including Facebook. Programs may likewise get ruined, and it’s smarter to introduce the most recent form and eliminate the old rendition than attempting to sort out what the issue is with your program. 

Clear Browsing Data 

Treats, reserves,s and perusing information regularly cause issues for stacking sites. There are various approaches to do this in every program. Here are the approaches to do this with the most well-known ones. 


  • Snap-on the menu symbol in the upper right corner of your program. 
  • Look down to “Apparatuses” and afterward select “Clear Browsing Data.” A popup will show up asking what you need to clear. 
  • Select from what point you’d prefer to clear information. This will influence different destinations that you save reserves. It’s ideal to choose “From the start of time” and afterward select “Erase treats and other site and module information” and “Void the reserve.” 
  • Snap “Clear perusing information” to finish. Close and return your program and go to Facebook.com. 


  • Snap-on the “Firefox” button at the highest point of your program and select “Alternatives.” 
  • Snap-on “Cutting edge” and afterward “Organization.” 
  • Under “Stored Web Content,” click “Clear Now” and afterward “Alright.” Reopen your program window and direct to Facebook.com. 

Web Explorer 

Snap-on the “Devices” menu in the upper right corner. 

Snap-on “Erase Browsing History.” 

Snap “Erase records,” “Erase treats” and “Erase history.” Click “Alright” to exit and resume your program. 

Sometimes, Facebook is performing upkeep, and the site might be down for a while. On the off chance that that is the situation, you can take a gander at Downforeveryoneorjustme.com for data on whether the site is up or down. You can likewise check with companions or family to check whether Facebook is working for them.