For Urgent Cash Needs, the Best for Your Business is Alternative Funding

Small businesses play a very big role in America as they account for over 44% of all economic activities and over a third of the country’s GDP. If you are a small business owner it is easy to visualize the need for funding in your business operations. As such, your business is naturally oriented toward higher growth because the scale and intensity of competition you face is much more. You just have two options – grow or perish. Therefore, you will need small business funding only if you have a sudden opportunity or if you are faced with a challenging situation that can stagnate your growth. In such situations, you need quick approval and disbursal of the loan, which mainstream lenders are incapable of doing; only alternative lenders can do it. 

Speed and flexibility of funding options 

The most attractive feature of alternative business funding is the fast and easy loan approval procedure. They won’t bother you with demands for collateral of your fixed assets to cover the credit they are underwriting for you and neither would they make an issue of your credit score. 

An alternative funding company will mainly check your bank statement of the past 2-3 years in order to get an idea of your cash flow. This gives them an idea of the viability of your business, especially your profitability projections. It is a fast and simple process of assessing your ability to pay back the loan with interest on time. They approve and disburse the loan in quick time. 

Funds for business growth and expansion 

There are times when you see an excellent opportunity to capitalize on seasonal or sudden demand for a particular product or a lucrative deal that can bring you huge profits. However, such opportunities also need investment to unlock the rewards and that is where you get stuck. Relax; business capital loans from alternative lenders will get you the funds. 

The opportunities could be many – depending on the type of your business, you may have found excellent inventory at an attractive price or it could be equipment and/or machinery in excellent condition. If you don’t have the money to make this investment, an alternative lending company will fund you and that too in quick time. 

Meet working capital shortfall urgently 

Most small businesses face difficulties in meeting their working capital requirements especially their payroll obligations at different points of time. The most important resource in any business is manpower and you just cannot afford to shortchange this resource with any other. 

They have to be paid on time and so if you face a cash crunch to live up to your commitment, you can count on business funding by alternative lenders to provide you a cash advance. On the other hand, if you are a building contractor with a decent order book, your pending invoice can be leveraged to provide you a cash advance to meet working capital shortfall. 

Alternative US business funding for small and mid-sized enterprises is growing by leaps and bounds as mainstream lenders have shut themselves out of any dealings with small businesses. Alternative Funding Group is a reputable and trusted alternative lender that has already disbursed funds of over $200 million and is increasing their footprint very fast across different business segments. 

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