Selecting a Manufacturing Partner to Boost Your First Brand of Supplements

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The selection of a dependable dietary supplement manufacturer is the most crucial step if you are planning to launch a supplement line. There are several factors to consider while choosing the manufacturer to ensure the success of your product in the market. Formulation, production, quality assurance, labeling, and timely supplies are some of the aspects to consider before finalizing the most important resource in the supplement business.

Importance of supplement manufacturers

There can be no two opinions about the need to partner with private label manufacturing to sell your brand of nutritional supplements. You cannot look after manufacturing and marketing simultaneously because these two activities are entirely different.

Manufacturing assumes a critical role, especially if you are in the business of health and wellness products, such as supplements. There are several stringent restrictions put in place by the FDA for the manufacturing and labeling of supplements. Private label supplement manufacturing is a significant activity because of several quality restrictions right from the stage of raw material procurement.

Primary activities of the reputable supplement manufacturers

  • Assessing multiple activities while choosing the supplement manufacturer.
  • Procuring quality raw materials 
  • Broad choice of formulations
  • Guidance to select the suitable formulation 
  • Capacity to produce capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids
  • Custom designs for packaging
  • Labeling as per FDA norms 
  • In-house graphic designing facility
  • Marketing support

All these activities should be available under the same roof. The manufacturer should outsource none of these processes for the strict quality control at every stage as per the ISO guidelines. You should also confirm that the manufacturer adheres to FDA norms from raw material to finished product stage.

The private label supplements manufacturer is a vital part of the supplement industry. Several suppliers do not have their manufacturing facilities. Be careful about selecting the manufacturing resource by ensuring a proper manufacturing facility with GMP certification.

Having direct contact with a manufacturer can help you control the production process. Besides, a mediator may not supply your requirements within a short period. Supplier agents also add to the cost of procuring the finished product. Reducing or eliminating the middlemen can reduce the costs.

Role of certifications

Certifications are the most crucial aspects of a supplement manufacturing process. The US FDA is very strict about the manufacturing of supplements. These regulations help control the quality of supplements so that the consumer gets a product, which is safe for consumption. FDA registration of the private label supplements manufacturing facility is mandatory.

GMP certification confirms that the product is as per the regulations of Good Manufacturing Practices. UL Certificate assures compliance with inspection and quality evaluation of the products manufacturing at the plants. These quality certifications are also helpful to check the quality of raw materials for formulating the final products.

The takeaway 

Private label supplement manufacturers like The Emerald Corp play a key role in the eventual success of your supplement brand. You should assess the capabilities of the manufacturer before making a final selection. The Emerald Corp offers turnkey manufacturing and white labeling of a vast assortment of nutritional supplements.

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