Where To Live After Rehab: Sober Living Or Halfway Housing?

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When it comes to substance abuse, the road to recovery can be bumpy and tricky. It can make you feel you are back to where you started, even though this is usually not the case. Instead, this can be a result of poor care after in-patient treatment. 


A therapeutic program of communal assistance helps you steer clear of any triggers or cravings that may obstruct your path. To make the best decision about where to get help from, it is imperative to equip yourself with the knowledge of two popular resources available: Halfway Housing and Sober Living. 


Even though the primary purpose of both of them is the same, they differ in their ways. You may find yourself wondering which rehab center near you would serve as the best option.


Facilities of Halfway Housing:


  1. They usually work best for people who have faced incarceration and a drug treatment program for it. It can be a helpful transitional facility to assist you or your loved ones in order to build your own world once again.


  1. They offer a recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. It is common for people who have already gone through a detox program for the same to choose halfway houses. Many of them are also admitted due to court orders. This is a fundamental difference – halfway houses have a more structured and rigid recovery treatment. 


  1. Halfway houses are funded by the government. Hence, they customarily have unannounced drug testing and require their residents to do various chores as well as look for jobs. 

    4. They are more affordable. Since they are government-funded, you will find most halfway houses near youmuch cheaper than other options. 


Facilities of Sober Living

1. You are free to opt for sober living of your own volition. You need not be enrolled in any treatment or detox program to choose the facilities that sober living proffer. Contrary to a halfway house, Sober Living is not necessarily for people who want to leave incarceration.  

2. Sober Living offers more privacy and variety for you to act on your own accord. While there may be regular drug testing and expectation of adherence to the set rules, it is not customary for these places to have treatment programs. Due to its voluntary nature, it allows its residents to have more freedom.

3. Sober Living is known to be funded by treatment centers or concerned individuals, instead of the government. You may find their facilities to bear a resemblance to private residences and have more amenities. 

Both of them serve as an incredible way for you to stabilize your mental state before you return to the conventional norms of everyday life. If you want to strengthen your commitment to a lifetime of abstinence, these transitional programs are a step in the right direction, 

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