Forex trading-How does Forex trading in Tanzania work?

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Forex trading has been taking over globally as one of the most popular means of financial earnings through currency exchange. Forex trading is growing in african countries and according to an estimation, there are over 1.3 million traders on the african continent. Tanzania is among those countries and even though the forex trading trend is setting a firmer ground, there are some important things traders from Tanzania need to keep in mind. Read along to find out about forex trading in Tanzania, the risks involved, and where to begin?


How does Forex trading work?

Forex trading or retail forex or currency trading is a global interchange of currencies. Traders buy, sell or exchange currencies depending on the currency’s exchange rate at a particular time. It depends upon many factors, mainly a country’s political situation.


Is Forex trading in Tanzania legal?

Forex trading in Tanzania is seeing massive growth, since the last five years. Across the world, $5.1 trillion is traded every single day due to higher internet coverage, better online technology, which has made Forex trading accessible. However, it is a frequently asked question whether Forex trading is safe in Tanzania?

There are no regular brokers that regulate Forex trading in Tanzania, so traders are often advised not to move towards forex trading. However, a large number of people in Tanzania are forex traders, working under internationally regulated brokers. Forex trading is not banned in Tanzania, hence it is not illegal.


Best Forex trading strategy

There are many trading strategies in Forex trading, you have to choose the one that is the most effective in your case. The strategies mostly rely on fundamental analysis, which involves trading based on newest releases, or technical analysis, which involves trading based on the charts. Some of the most popular strategies for Forex trading in Tanzania are:

Price action trading is based on technical analysis and is the study of the historical changes in currency prices to predict where the price is heading towards next.

Range trading is predicting or finding out when other traders are going to purchase or sell a currency. This also relies heavily on the chart data but also requires a good knowledge about the currency pair you are trading.

Positional trading is when a trader remains consistent on a position or positions over a long period of time. This is mostly reliant on fundamental analysis, though some technical analysis is important too.


How much do you need to start Forex trading?

There is a difference between opening a forex trading account and actually starting forex trading. You can open a forex trading account with as little as USD 5 (12,000 TZS), though some brokers require a minimum deposit of USD 100-200. The amount you should start trading with depends on the risk you want to take. Risk factors should be brought into consideration, especially in forex trading. If you are a beginner trading, it is advisable not to risk more than 3% of your balance of a trade.

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