Four Reasons Why You Should Review Your Restaurant Insurance Coverage Today

From small burger shops to award-winning gourmet cuisine, Australia has some of the top restaurants in the world. As a restaurant owner, you are well aware that success in the food industry necessitates a great deal of effort. The last thing you want is for all of your hard work to vanish in an instant due to a single catastrophe or incident.

Your restaurant and your customers may be protected if you have the correct insurance plans in place. The level of protection and benefits that restaurant insurance can provide, as well as the many types of coverage offered, are discussed here.

What is restaurant insurance, and why is it important?

Restaurants are fast-paced establishments with no two days being alike. There is a great deal of potential for things to go wrong in the kitchen and on the dining room floor because there is so much going on. Restaurant insurance can help protect your business from some of the more frequent threats it may face. Just some of the coverage is as follows:

  • Lawsuits: Insurance protects you from the costs of any legal action brought by clients who claim they were hurt on your property or contracted an illness after eating your food.
  • Bankruptcy: Most restaurateurs start out with loans and other forms of financing. You’ll almost certainly require insurance unless you have enough money saved to entirely rebuild your business from the ground up in the case of a catastrophic occurrence.
  • Buildings and equipment: Even if an accident does not completely destroy your business, it may cause costly kitchen equipment to be damaged. You might find it difficult to acquire the funds to replace your equipment if you don’t have insurance.
  • Insurance can help you fund the expense of lawyers to help you sort things out swiftly and peacefully if a claim for damages is made against you. This should hopefully assist you in avoiding the negative publicity that a long-running legal dispute could bring to your company.

What types of insurance should restaurateurs think about?

Many restaurant owners may choose two forms of insurance to protect their business: public liability and business insurance.

Public liability insurance

Restaurant public liability insurance can help protect your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage. It will assist you in protecting visitors – customers, suppliers, or other third parties – if they are injured while on your property. (It’s worth noting that Public Liability insurance does not cover any accidents your staff may have; you should consider purchasing a workers’ compensation policy to cover those.)

Even at the best-run restaurants, there is a long list of potential mishaps: Consumers may be injured by poorly positioned chairs, serving personnel may accidentally spill hot beverages on customers, and there is always the possibility that a customer will claim your cuisine gave them food poisoning.

Even if the claim is finally rejected, the cost of defending yourself against allegations can be quite high. Public liability insurance can potentially cover the costs of your defence, as well as any compensation awards made against you for injuries, death, or damages caused by your business operations.

Business Insurance 

Insurance to protect you from third-party harm claims is essential, but those aren’t the only dangers your business faces. Restaurant operators may be concerned about equipment failures, fire damage, and the necessity to temporarily lock their doors. The ancient saying “hope for the best, but plan for the worse” holds true when it comes to insurance, and it could help you get back to work if something goes wrong.

A Business Insurance coverage can be tailored to include features like:

  • If you own the building where your restaurant operates, a business insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding the property if damage occurs as a consequence of events covered by your policy, such as fires, hurricane damage, floods, and other natural disasters.
  • Contents coverage: When you count up all of the money you’ve spent on the contents of your restaurant, you might be astonished at how much it adds up to. Even updating minor items like your tableware or utensils may be costly. And if expensive equipment, such as stoves or dishwashers, is damaged, you could be looking at a large bill. In the event that certain items are damaged or destroyed, the contents cover will assist in their replacement.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: This policy is available as an add-on to Building and Contents insurance and will compensate you for any income losses you may incur as a result of a catastrophic occurrence. For example, if your premises are extensively damaged by fire, and you need to close for repairs, Business Interruption coverage will pay you a percentage of your average turnover for the time you are closed.
  • Glass cover: It may seem insignificant, but anyone who has had to replace glass windows knows how expensive it can be. In the event of unintentional damage or breakage, this sort of insurance will pay the costs.
  • Coverage for machinery breakdowns: Restaurants rely on a wide range of equipment, from coffee machines to refrigerators. If your equipment is damaged or broken, this form of coverage will pay for repairs or replacement. Extensions can also be added to cover any losses incurred as a result of damaged stock, such as when food spoils due to a refrigerator breakdown.

For restaurant proprietors, insurance can provide much-needed peace of mind. The correct insurance policies can help you stay in business and continue to cook up success, from protecting your clients to helping you rebuild after a fire.

Find out more about restaurant insurance today.

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