Game android – What You Should Know

With the emergence of mobile gaming, the idea of game creation for mobiles came into lime light. Mobile game development has gained momentum in the recent years. As per the research in US, there is about $6 billion spent on apps and games each year. In this era, the concept of game development for mobiles have emerged as a serious business concern. However, it is not easy to develop a game for mobiles, as there are few things which need to be taken care of.

Most of the app developers develop a game for Sony Android and iPhone OS. But owing to the rising popularity of Apple devices, game developers are focusing their attention to develop applications for iPhone and iPad. The main challenges while developing applications for mobiles involve:

While making an app for Sony Android, one has to take care of several things like: hardware compatibility, device type, platform support, and the device memory. To make sure that the app meets the standards of Google, it is very important to make the app compatible with major Android operating systems like Kit Kat, Ginger, and Ice Cream Sandwich. There are many apps which fail to work on low memory handsets or low storage capacity tablets. To meet the Android standards, it is very important to make the game compatible with several Android device memory, device features, and graphic design specifications. Moreover, app developers should also make sure that the app gets properly rated by leading websites to get more visitors.

While making an app for Sony Android, app developers should keep in mind several Android features to ensure that the game is easy to load and navigate. One of the main concerns of mobile game development is the layout of the screen. Most of the popular Android apps include: apps for shopping, music, maps, weather, news, and games. To add to this, Android app developers should also focus on the screen orientation, as the default behavior of the device while the app is installed is to landscape. As a result, it makes more sense to have a game that runs on a portrait mode.

In order to make the game look nice on large devices like tablets, app developers should use high resolution graphics. This ensures that the text on the screen looks crisp and the images are sharp. To add to this, Android developers should make sure that they use the appropriate technology to display 3D graphics on large devices. As Android uses an open source operating system, it is very easy to develop cross-platform games.

Game developers should also make sure that their apps run well on a variety of mobile devices. Most of the Android users prefer to access a specific app on their device first before trying another one. Therefore, if you want your app to be downloaded quickly and continue to be used by a large number of Android users, you need to develop multiple versions of the same app for each different device. If you develop a game that can be played only on one Android handset, you might end up in losing some potential customers.

Moreover, games for Android devices need to be more interesting and interactive than those for iPhones and Blackberry phones. Games meant for Android devices need to offer more options and choices for players and they need to provide more ways for users to interact with the game. You can do so by providing a better interface and better content for players to enjoy while playing. Apart from these, Android users tend to spend more time searching and browsing the internet and so the games for Android need to offer interesting game mechanics and exciting gameplay to keep users glued to the screens. In short, a good game for Android will not only provide a fun and relaxing experience for players but also give them enough options and features to keep them interested.

Developers looking to develop games for android should keep all of these tips in mind. It is easy to make a game for android using the right game engine and platform development tools. However, it is a different story when it comes to monetizing the app. That is where you will have to use your imagination a lot and work out a strategy that will work for your business.

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