Top 12 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram used to be a fun app where people posted pictures and connected with their friends and family. But now, it has become one of the most important social media networks for brands, businesses, marketers, and individuals. Along with that, it has become a valuable tool for content marketing, audience building, increasing sales, and driving profitable traffic.

One of the dominant means of advertising and marketing on social media is social proof. However, the story revolves around generating engagement and excitement on your profile. Proper engagement can be achieved only if you are blessed with a follower base. If you buy automatic Instagram likes, you gain the ability to social proof on demand and are automatically able to generate influence.

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To make this platform beneficial and use it effectively, you need to have a solid base of followers. Instagram is a network with over 1 billion worldwide users. So, to stand out from the crowd, your number of followers holds value. If your Instagram presence is not that strong, it is time to step up your game.

Follow these twelve tips to take your strategies to the next level and gain a massive following on Instagram so you don’t even need to Buy Real Instagram Followers UK from any provider.

1.  Appear in Searches

If people can’t find you on Instagram, they won’t be able to follow you. There are two significant ways to make your Instagram profile searchable.

Use a name relevant to your brand/business because people are more likely to search that specific keyword. For example, if your business is about real estate, you can write real estate in place of your name. And whenever people search for that keyword, your profile will show up.

Another way is to add a location in your bio so that you can reach the targeted audience. Optimize your profile by making it as search-friendly as possible.

2.  Add a Great Bio and Profile Picture

When someone visits your Instagram account, the first thing they see is how well-put-together it is. Your bio and profile picture are the center of attraction. Use a bright and eye-catchy profile picture to catch the attention of most people.

Add a compelling bio and write things that would make people interested in following your account. Make sure it is brief but catchy.

3.  Share Engaging Content

Sharing high-quality and engaging content might be something that you hear every single time. But, it plays a vital role when you’re struggling to get more Instagram followers. The competition is fierce, and people would obviously consider following someone who posts unique content. That is why you need to sharpen up your content strategy and post amazing stuff.

4.  Cross-Promote

If you have a fair amount of followers on other social media networks, then you’re lucky. Use it for your benefit! Post about your Instagram on other platforms and direct your audience towards it. That way, your followers on other networks will know about you and follow you.

Another great way to cross-promote is embedding your Instagram posts on your blogs. By adding clickable Instagram posts, you can showcase your content and allow visitors to head directly to your post.

5.  Follow Relevant Accounts

You might think following Instagram accounts relevant to your industry doesn’t make any change. And if you continue to follow Instagram models and celebrities, you’re doing it wrong. You can follow celebrities, but you should also include relevant accounts on your list.

When you like and comment on a picture of a celebrity, they won’t do the same in return. But when you engage with your community, most people will engage back. Also, you will appear in front of their audience, which is a plus point.

6.  Collaborate With Influencers

Well, we all know that influencer marketing is snowballing. Brands prefer collaborating with influencers more than with celebrities. Many brands claimed that they saw a positive difference in their growth after collaborating with one. So what are you waiting for? Partner with a well-known influencer within your industry to maximize your growth and expand your reach.

There are over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram, so you have a lot of options. (Tip: Some influencers also have fake followers. Always consider the engagement rate whenever you visit the profile of a famous influencer.)

7.  Work With Other Brands

Not only with influencers, but working with different brands also help in reaching higher audiences. If there’s a possibility that you can collaborate with other brands, feel free to reach out to them.

Think about new ideas you can use to make this collaboration successful. Something unique and exciting will get everyone involved. For example, two brands can collaborate and come up with a new product to excite their audience.

8.  Use relevant hashtags

Using hashtags is important to reach higher audiences and grow your followers. Add trending and relevant hashtags in your posts to gain a massive following. Hashtags help improve engagement, reach the target audience, and make your content more discoverable. By getting more visibility and reach, you posts get more Instagram likes organically. Still in vain? Don’t worry, there are plenty of guides around the web to learn how to buy Instagram likes.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but you don’t need to use all 30 while posting. Make sure to use less but more relevant and effective hashtags. Also, avoid using hashtags that are way too popular because your post will disappear on that page.

9.  Use Instagram Insights

From tracking important metrics to looking at audience demographics, your insights will give you all the essential data you need. These analytics will provide you with impressions of each post. You can then figure out what type of content your audience likes to see and post more of that.

These insights also allow you to understand your audience better by showing demographics like age, gender, location, and interests. Knowing the time when most of your followers are active is the best part of insights. You can post your content at that time to get the most engagement.

10. Consider Instagram Ads

Instagram ads need a little investment, but it can be a powerful way to bring your content in front of people. It is an effective way to reach new followers quickly. The fact that you can target the audience by location, demographics, and interests is a plus point. Not only on feeds, but you can run ads on stories and explore page too.

11. Contests and Giveaways

You might have already heard that contests and giveaways help attract attention. But how to make it useful? When you ask people to follow your account, as a rule, your followers will grow. You can also ask them to post about it on your stories and tag a friend in the comments. That way, their friends might also follow you.

Other contests like hashtag contests and UGC encourage engagement and help in increasing your reach.

12. Post Consistently

Giving your audience new content consistently will help bring new followers. Nobody wants to follow a dead account. So post more, be consistent, maintain authenticity, share engaging content, and get more followers.

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