GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest version 2021

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GB WhatsApp Pro

The Google+ social layer called “WhatsApp” is now also available as a standalone application for mobiles. This new feature offers you a better and more streamlined way to communicate with your friends. You can use this application to send a message, share files, videos, and photos, play games, manage your contact book, and much more.

GB Whatsapp pro include – Auto-responder

The latest features of the GBWhatsapp include – Auto-responder – Messaging App – Instant Messaging App – Video Calling – Multiple functionality – Push Notifications – Reminders with Google Now – Internationalize your Business by adding currency converter and translation services The auto-responder feature of the messaging app is especially useful if you need to reach a large audience over a short time-span. You can create custom greetings and set the parameters like sound-stringing, voice-mail, etc. This makes it an ideal tool for business houses and individuals who often outsource their calls.

GBWhatsApp Chat features

The WhatsApp GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to add your URL and personalize it as per your needs. The URL will be shown as a link on the user’s app tray instead of being displayed as a closed link. The URL will be added to his online status so that whenever a friend requests a chat with you, the link will be shown. There are various other advantages as well as: – You can share file attachments – Hides your IP – Hide your computer name – Display your Google map location – Show your online timer and other time-based tasks – Show your Gmail email address on the provided details page – Show your Facebook URL on the provided details page – Add your URL to some of your friend’s contacts You can also add your company logo and website URL as well. The website portion of the app provides a simple mechanism for you to share files with your friends.

The main problem with gb whatsapp Pro latest version is that there are two ways to activate it; the first way is to use the” unchecked” tick while you’re not signed in the app, and the second way is to use the “second tick” option, which requires you to confirm your choice. These two methods will hide your IP. But this hidden IP will still be visible on the Internet. And if anyone uses your IP address, they will easily be able to know where you are. Therefore, if you want to hide your IP and still make sure that someone cannot access your gbwhatsapp on the Internet, these two methods are not recommended.

Update GB WhatsApp Pro

The problem with the first method is that it’s not very effective because it takes quite some time before the changes are visible. And even if your IP is change temporarily when you’re signe in to GB. It will only be visible when you check your gbwhatsapp messages without the app. You won’t see any changes until the app is closed. You are refreshing the page for the first time and refreshing the web page when you open it. This means that you will have to wait a long time before seeing any changes.

The second method, which is the most recommended, is to install a “modded version” of the app. A “modded” version is an application that has been customize to work as an android phone’s alternative to grasp. A “modded” version can be download from the market or its website. There are many free and paid gbmsp modders out there. But it’s recommended to download a modded version of the app that has been modified to run as an android app.

GBWhatsApp Features

  • When you install the modded version of the update GB WhatsApp Pro, it will replace the default “cats” text box with one of your own choices. You can change the color, size, and style of text according to your taste. It will also replace the texts in the “cats” folder with your own choice. You can customize the looks of your WhatsApp screens by altering the size of the text boxes and inserting new ones. You can change the eyes of your chat log by replacing the words with different fonts. And changing the styles of your text boxes. It would be a good idea to learn a bit about the WhatsApp chatbot mechanics. So that you don’t end up with something that looks like spam.
  • An added feature of GB WhatsApp is the ability to hide last seen or all conversations. With the advanced settings of this app, you can configure it only to show discussions that you don’t want to see. Hiding these messages will help you avoid reading them or, worse, deleting them. If you are using the public messaging feature of this app, you can configure it only to show messages in a conversation and are of little importance.


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