Getting Bad Credit Commercial Finance in 2017

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Businesses often go through highs and lows, and this roller coaster affects the company’s finances. In such situations, if there is any loan taken by the company they might end up having bad credit scores. This affects their chances for further loan approvals. But there are companies which offer bad credit commercial finance to these businesses for their progress.

How does a company get bad credits?

Bad credit occurs when the company fails to clear their debts on time. Either they have asked for extension or they are listed as a defaulter by the banks. There can be various reasons behind a company failing to meet their payment schedule and since it is a business, recession and unforeseen situations plays a major role. The bad credit commercial finance companies understand these scenarios. They also know the importance of cash flow for a business.

Banks do not offer any bad credit commercial finances. There are some private lenders who specialize in understanding the market and analyzing the credit history of the applicants. Whether a company approaches these financing companies directly or via a loan broker, they would need to be completely honest about their credit history and reasons behind it. Often a bad credit and a no credit scenario incur similar reactions and responses like banks.

What are the advantages of bad credit commercial finance?

That said, there are certain pros and cons about getting bad credit commercial finance from these lending companies:


  • The loans are approved faster. Since the financing company understands the need of the business, they provide faster processing of the documents and fast cash influx.
  • If the business has a defaulted credit, they can repay the amount with the cash they receive from the bad credit commercial finance company. This helps in betterment of their credit score. The improvement will help them reduce the high interest rates and they can easily get a loan from leading banks in the future.
  • Collateral is required when opting for bad credit commercial finance. This provides the business an option to make the loan versatile in nature. In fact, there are some lending companies that do not require any guarantee for approving the loan.


  • Higher fees as compared to good credit history.  While the financing company will understand the struggles of the business owner, they need to keep their profit and loss in mind too. Without a higher fee they can never be assured of recovery.
  • Higher interest rates. This is similar to every other loan type. If you have poor credit score then you have to pay high interest rate.
  • Collateral is required. While commercial loans can be received without collateral, once the company has defaulted and the credit score becomes bad, the bad credit commercial finance companies will require some assurance in form of guarantee.
  • In order to keep the company on track, the lending companies often require automatic withdrawals. This means the company needs to have a certain amount in their bank account on those dates.

Even with the cons, for a company with a bad credit the option for bad credit commercial finance is the only viable option since cash is transferred to the business account within a week, and the business can recover their losses. While in an ideal situation a business should always be in surplus, because factors like accidents, rejection of delivery, natural disasters and economic crisis plays key factors in determining the progress of the company.  To choose or apply for the best bad credit commercial finance, you can search such private lenders online.

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