Handle a background check online by going through the DBS certificate

The UK is seeing a large number of people losing their jobs during the pandemic since companies cannot meet the targets that they initially set out. According to one of the studies conducted, it seems that the UK will take till the end of 2021 to start recovering at the earliest and they should be stable to the same numbers that they were at pre-pandemic around 2022.

When it came to people working within companies, the first ones to lose their jobs were those who could be replaced by automation and machines. While this replacement was long coming and would have taken longer, companies were cash tight and were willing to make changes that they would have otherwise delayed on, to save some money and stay afloat.

Additionally, the oldest people within the workforce and the youngest who just entered it were also finding it difficult to hold their jobs since companies were going after them the first. These changes were taking place since the older people were finding it difficult to adapt to the new systems companies were going through, and the newer additions did not have enough experience to pivot into something else to benefit the company nor enough did they have enough experience, to work at another job.

People were not open to meeting in person, and even the Government implemented rules stating that people should only meet, only if it was a necessity. For the most part, they received advice to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, while companies shut down, people could not head to their office to work, and employers started getting people to remote work. While the change made a significant difference among the IT companies, there were a few other companies that tried to work on implementing them as well.

Soon all meeting and even client interactions started taking place online, incusing classes and interactions with students. People were using online video conferencing platforms to communicate and interact with one another.

While these changes were implemented for the employees of a company, the employers also had to change the way they were hiring. In most of the cases, there were interviewed before hiring someone for a job, the interviews stayed, but they moved from taking place in-person to

being done online. Video calls were the new normal and to make sure that they matched the requirements of the job profile, background checks turned into the norm.

The most popular background check was the DBS check. It went through the past of the person, making sure they had not done anything that could cause an issue for the job. It mentioned information about a potential criminal history and whether they behaved well among all sections of society.

They could review the ​DBS certificate​ online, which was a lot more convenient for the employer. Additionally, people had to update their information on the DBS platform if there were changes that took place, otherwise, it could take longer to update, which could cost them their job. The DBS update service​ made the process of background checks simple, and could only be handled by employers on people they were hiring or already working under them.

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