How CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

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Individuals who struggle with insomnia have spent too many sleepless nights lying awake and wondering why their bodies just can’t shut down. It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re craving rest but can’t seem to calm your body or your mind. There are plenty of researchers out there trying to find new solutions, public health information, or potential prescriptions that can help with this medical condition. If you suffer from insomnia, one potential substance that can help you sleep better is CBD.

While not fully approved for medical use, CBD has been on the rise as a substance that can help alleviate a number of different issues. Individuals with chronic pain, anxiety, or fatigue are finding some relief from cannabis use. Of course, this substance is still new to the field of medicine, but there is a lot of potential for CBD to help you sleep soundly at night. Let’s dive in deeper to understand exactly what CBD is and how it can help you fight off insomnia and relax better in the evenings.

Learn more about CBD.

Before you commit to anything as a solution for a medical condition, it’s important that you understand what it is. Because medical cannabis and CBD products are still fairly new to the market, you’ll want to do some brief research before you start using this option. Check out the American Medical Marijuana Association for detailed information about the efficacy of cannabis. This is your ultimate resource for data on CBD use, the brands that are best for you, and how CBD differs from general marijuana use. This is a true community with a high potential for you to connect with others who have struggles similar to yours. As you’re searching for answers for your insomnia, use this gateway as a stepping stone to understanding the benefits and options that CBD can provide.

CBD is a different product with no THC.

It’s important to note that CBD is a completely different product than general marijuana. While marijuana does include cannabis, it also includes THC, which is what gives you that high feeling. It’s natural that this feeling may actually keep you up or make you feel paranoid, therefore harming your sleep rather than helping it. CBD only involves the natural compounds that don’t give you that foggy feeling. Therefore, this is a product that you can use for more health help than recreational use.

Research shows CBD can potentially help lower your cortisol levels.


There have been plenty of studies done on the effects of CBD on your sleep patterns. Do note that nothing is completely conclusive or FDA-approved just yet. One of the most interesting findings from this research is how CBD can actually help lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that typically spikes in the morning as a way to get you ready for your day. People who experience insomnia or have trouble sleeping will typically see a spike in this hormone at night, which is what keeps them up. Different studies have shown that around 300 to 600 mg of CBD oil can help participants see a decrease in cortisol and enjoy easier sleep at night.

CBD can also help alleviate burnout and occasional anxiousness.

Recreational cannabis use can also be one of the reasons why you sleep more soundly. Many people use CBD oils and the like to help relieve burnout or chronic discomfort. When you don’t have to deal with these serious problems, you’ll be able to sleep a little more soundly. Feeling anxiousness or discomfort can stop you from feeling relaxed and at ease when you go to bed. Attack the root of the problem when you use CBD for these other variables.


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