How Live Video on Instagram is Helpful for Business

If you have a smartphone then I am very sure you are familiar with the Instagram app. Instagram is the top leading social media platform. Initially this app was just launched for shading the pictures after that video option was launched, and as the time passed Instagram started launching lots of features just as Instagram story, Highlights, live video and so on. Instagram is not only using it for socializing it can also use it for business purposes. Instagram is now offering the business accounts for the merchants. In this article we will talk about the one feature of the Instagram “Live Video”, how we can use it for the business purpose.

1. Promote Upcoming Products

You have a regular business on Instagram and people are taking in your products, what about if you attract the attention of the people towards your upcoming product? Yes this can be possible via Live video. This will be very helpful on the sale of the upcoming launch. For the instant response you should have a good number of followers, if you don’t have then you can get famoid free followers. With the help of more followers you can get more engagement and you may get more sales.

2. Announce Giveaways

For catching the attention of the people you usually launch the giveaways and rewards. For announcing and promoting the giveaways you can use the live video option. You can go to live video to announce the giveaways, you can explain the complete process to the audience how they can get to participate in the giveaways. Live video is the good option to increase the engagement on your profile, you can interact with the audience as a friend. Always behave friendly with your audience.

3. Increasing Sales

With the help of live video you can increase the number of sales instantly. The question is how? Let’s suppose you are about to launch the product and on the live video you can review that product, and can also teach your audience how to use and get benefit from the product. There is also a tip for increasing the sale if you can announce the discount on the first 100 purchases. If your product will be quality worthy then people try to buy your product as soon as possible.