How long does it take to build a website in WordPress?

Nowadays it is easier to create a website, though you don’t have any knowledge about coding and web development. Now most of us don’t talk about how long it takes to create the website. This could be tough to plan but if you put your time away to get your project off the ground. But creating a website takes less time than you would think, especially when you’re using WordPress. In this article, we are going to talk about how long it takes to build a website.


Plan Up Your Project

People believe they can just jump right into using WordPress Website without having any idea how their website should look like. There is something said about that interest, but this way will usually end up requiring you more time in the end due to additional revisions. The best play is to sit and plan things before you even pay for hosting and domain name.

Choose Good Web Hosting And Domain Name

Here is where most people start to think. Thus, your website is only an idea, however soon you need to open your wallet and spend some money buying it. The great news is, WordPress web hosting won’t damage your wallet and because they are affordable by anyone. 

Install WordPress And Setup Themes

How to host the WordPress website, those days a lot of web hosting will help to set up your WordPress as soon as you purchase your plan. But, the platform is known for its ‘five-minute’ installation method. Once WordPress is installed on your server, Once WordPress is set up on your server, you may want to take some time to learn it yourself with what each part of your dashboard behaves. your first progress should be to choose the theme you need to use on your website.

Install SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is very important to security trends happening by Google updates. If your website is not running an SSL Certificate, then your website will be facing some ups and downs in Google page ranking. If you want to be up in Google ranking, then you need to use SSL Certificate for your website, consider that website without SSL Certificate will have unsecured and chrome will warn you with alerts. 

Figure Out Your Audience And Build For Them.

Think before you start designing any pages, you need to have content. I remember the times I have sat down with clients and I found they have zero content for the website. Even the same may be with you when you are designing your website. Collect the information like brochures or sales information you have on your company. The information you gather will be better for you, and you can target them according to their requirements. 

Add Required Plugins

After you have installed themes, now it’s time for you to look at what plugins you require to use. Jumping these can make major problems later on so I would think these mandatory. Also, you have zero ideas about how SEO plugins work, install anyone. WordPress has quality plugins when it comes out of the box, the most popular plugin called Yoast SEO. It can be great to work on your website.

Test Your Website Before You Launch

At this time, you would have spent nearly a month working on your website, from starting point to till now final touch to the website design. Still, before launching your website, we recommend you to go over your work on an all the granular level. In some cases, you will find some areas for improvement.

Add Your Website To Google Search Console and Analytics

  • Google Search Console will help you to find out your website whether it is doing right or wrong in organic search. This allows you to ping your sitemap to Google and this is one of the fastest ways to decide if you have been searched by Google.
  • Analytics is the most popular service by Google. It holds all things that happen on your websites such as the number of users, bounce rates, and more. With Google Analytics it makes marketers best friends. Ex: it can tell you how many visitors come to your website on a regular basis.

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