How To Be A Bookkeeper: The Ultimate Guide

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This ongoing coronavirus pandemic is heading towards a massive economic disruption. More and more people are losing their jobs. But like every other event, this pandemic introduced a relatively new and better resource. So, if you plan to develop a skill and work online to earn some bucks, trying your luck with bookkeeping is one of the best options. Let’s get to know something about what it takes to be a thriving bookkeeper.

Who Is a Bookkeeper

Many people confuse the bookkeepers with accountants. But both sectors are very different. To get a clear idea, you need to know the duties of an accountant and a bookkeeper.

Accountant’s Job

An accountant is responsible for your finance management. They will fill up and submit the tax return. Plus, custom clearance, keeping you updated with the law, complying with the government’s business policies, and the market’s economic conditions are some of the most critical responsibilities. Accountants will also help you with market analysis, stock market stakes, and further investment plans. In a word, accountants are in charge of your finance.

Hire a Bookkeeper’s Jobs are to check the balances, keeping it updated in the system. They will regularly update the sale and stock charts from the accountants. Sometimes, writing the business plan, making a presentation, and giving reminders about sale opening, product launching, and voucher codes availing are also included in the job description.

How Much Can You Make

A trusted survey says that you can make up to 18 dollars per hour working as a bookkeeper. That makes nearly 4000$ a year. You don’t even need any prior experience for this job. Most of the agencies or businesses are okay to hire freshers and interns. So, for a newbie, this opportunity is worth a fortune. Surprisingly, you can make this much, only if you work as a full-time, in house bookkeeper for one single company. Rates and income may rise three folds if you work freelance or contract-based. Because freelance or online bookkeeping offers your more flexible work hours, it saves you the journey time, energy, and travel costs.

So, bookkeeping can be a perfect part-time job if you are a high school student or unemployed. You may also do it full-time to earn more.

How To Become A Bookkeeper

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need any work experience or a college degree to work as a bookkeeper. You can do an internship under some known bookkeeper or accountants to know the basics and ways of working efficiently. Training centers are offering introductory bookkeeping courses. You may enroll in some study to learn directly from the legit teachers. It’s helpful if you’re planning to continue bookkeeping in a professional tone.

Investment on self skill is always the best. But if you don’t want to spend that much at this moment, start searching for jobs. Some small businesses might hire you. Start working even if the payment is a bit low. The experience you gather here will surely help to bid for better and higher. If you have a computer, internet connection, and the spirit to work, you are all good to go. You can do freelance bookkeeping. For students and interns, this idea works the best. You can manage your time and working preferences accordingly.


Every business owner needs a bookkeeper in 2020 to keep track of and upgrade their business. Use this demand cycle and improve your skills to fit in. Bookkeeping can be your card to set your work schedule without getting bored in a nine to five desk job.