How to boost your internet speed?

In this modern era, everyone is using electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, printers, or tablets. All of these devices require the internet to operate several applications. In this modern era, many people are working, blogging, or studying online with help of these electronic devices. Thus, it is very important to have a strong internet connection so that you can continue your work and studies without any interference. To connect your phone to the internet, you need to get a router from a good company like Netgear for a good internet connection.

You may get a weak signal from your Wi-Fi router. It could be because of several reasons like the location of the router or poor web channel. Below mentioned are some tips on boosting your internet connectivity-

1.The correct location

Place the router at the correct place so that you can get a strong Wi-Fi signal. Generally, it should be kept in an open and high spot so that there are no interruptions in the signal. Placing the router on the ground or too close to the walls will make the signal poor and stop it from reaching every edge of your house or workplace. Try to keep at the center of the home or office to spread the signal at every corner of the place.

2.Set the router away from electronic devices

While setting your router at home or workplace, try to keep it away from your electronic devices like personal computer or television, or electric cables. This will ensure that your connected devices get a strong and uninterrupted internet signal.

3.Set a strong password

To ensure security and avoid any unauthorized access to your internet device, set a strong password for your routerlogin. This will also ensure that no extra devices are connected to the router, thus providing a strong signal to your device. Login to your account at routerilogin.net and change your password to a strong combination.

4.Check the antennas

Position the antennas of the router at an angle where the signal travels through walls straightway, providing a strong connection for your devices. If the antenna is bent in a way that signal is not able to cross through the walls, then you will get a poor internet connection. Adjust the antennas in the best way to get the highest internet speed.

5.Get a different web channel

If you are having issues with your internet connectivity, then you should try a different web channel. Setting your router with a different Wi-Fi channel may help in boosting your internet speed.

6.Add a Wi-Fi extender

Wi-Fi extender is another way that helps in strengthening your internet connection. It doesn’t limit your bandwidth, thus providing a strong signal to your devices connected to Wi-Fi and reach the corners of your establishment with a weak internet signal. 

Follow the above recommendations to solve the problem of poor internet speed. If you are studying online or are working from home, you require a strong internet connection, and the tips mentioned above will help you to boost your internet connection and work or study without any disturbance. You can sign in to your netgear router login to make any desired changes to the settings of the router or to reset it. These tips will provide you with increased internet connectivity.